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School Year 2022-2023 English Texts

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Parents and students may purchase books (hard copies or Kindle editions) from any source, but please note that the ISBNs that we provide come from ( In Taipei, we have shared our book lists with Caves and Eslite. While we cannot guarantee that all books will be available at either one or both of these stores, we recommend that you try to purchase the texts locally first. It seems that lately some books ordered online from overseas have been tied up in customs for a number of weeks. Waiting until the last moment to purchase books is never a good idea.

Kindle versions are usually much less expensive than print versions, and, in some classes, the difference in price and advantages of the Kindle editions more than makes up for the price of the Kindle reader. For reasons of good health, we strongly discourage the use of laptops or phones as e-readers. In addition, students are not permitted to use e-texts on their laptops, tablets, or phones in the classroom.