Online Partners

Global Online Academy

Taipei American School began offering GOA courses to faculty for online professional development in the fall of 2020 and will begin offering online courses to students beginning in the summer of 2021.

Global Online Academy (GOA) is an international consortium of leading independent schools that unites behind a common mission: to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. GOA imagines a future where all students acquire and practice modern learning skills to be global citizens. Becoming a member school allows us to expand our school's already rich course offerings and provide our students with the opportunity to explore a passion or topic of interest with other students from around the world. We are joining a network of leading independent schools (including schools in the United States and closer to home within our own IASAS organization) that is proactively defining this niche, discovering and designing new ways to learn, elevating teaching practices, and leveraging technology and modern learning skills to prepare students for college and beyond. 


Pamoja provides online learning solutions for secondary education, from structured content to courses fully taught by licensed teachers. The platform offers a broad choice of subjects across the IB Diploma, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A Level programmes, supporting personalized learning in a global classroom.

Full IB Diploma candidates who wish to take a language or social science course that is not offered as part of the diploma program at TAS may choose to do so through the online provider Pamoja.