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Global Online Academy

Global Online Academy (GOA) is a consortium of leading international and independent schools with a mission to reimagine learning to empower students and educators to thrive in a globally networked society. Taipei American School began offering GOA courses to faculty for online professional development in the Fall of 2020 and began offering online courses to students during the Summer of 2021.

GOA supplements our course catalog for additional learner-centered experiences and presents students with the opportunity to take a wide range of elective subjects. This experience also provides students with global connections and modern learning skills. While the workload in GOA courses does vary (roughly 5-7 hours per week), class participation is mandatory, and students are required to do project-based assignments with partners and small groups.

Recently, through GOA, TAS students have taken courses such as Bioethics, Cybersecurity, Gender & Society, Genocide & Human Rights, Global Health, and even Multivariable Calculus. The course(s) and credit(s) will, in most cases, appear on the transcript along with the other classes taken at TAS and will be counted towards the GPA. To register for a GOA course, the student will be interviewed by the Site Director to assess if GOA is a good fit and manageable with the student's overall course and co-curricular commitments.


Pamoja provides online learning solutions for secondary education, from structured content to courses fully taught by licensed teachers. The platform offers a broad choice of subjects across the IB Diploma, Cambridge IGCSE and Cambridge International A Level programmes, supporting personalized learning in a global classroom.

Full IB Diploma candidates who wish to take a language or social science course that is not offered as part of the diploma program at TAS may choose to do so through the online provider Pamoja.

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