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Successful completion of Reading Greek & Latin or Honors Reading Greek & Latin satisfies the TAS graduation requirement in languages. At TAS, the Greek and Latin languages are taught together through an innovative story-telling curriculum developed at TAS. In the introductory levels, emphasis is on reading and understanding increasingly complex sentences in context, and on producing appropriate oral and written responses in Greek and Latin. The program leads to success on the IB Greek and/or Latin Examinations, as well as the AP Latin Examination. In addition to IB and AP courses, the department offers many advanced level courses in both languages. 

After mastering the fundamentals of reading in Reading Greek and Latin, students can select any advanced course in Latin or Greek, or in both Latin and Greek. All courses at all levels include the study of the myths, history, art, and culture of the ancient Mediterranean world. The materials for each course in each year are custom designed and never re-used. In advanced courses, each student works with their teacher to select readings and goals. Each course is specifically created for the students in it. In the past, advanced students have studied philosophy, Greek mathematics, history, epigraphy, and many other topics as well. Every course helps students improve their language skills at their own rate. Every student learns at a different rate and every student who works hard can succeed in Greek and Latin at TAS.

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