Computer Science & Robotics


The Computer Science and Robotics department seeks to encourage students to become creative, team-oriented, and technologically-skilled lifelong learners. We believe this is best done through a combination of skill acquisition and team-based projects, in an environment which encourages exploration, self-advocacy, and internationally competitive standards. All students starting out in the CS/Robotics department are required to select a first semester Level 1 course as an introduction. Students new to CS/Robotics will select a specialization in either Electronic Control Systems (Microcontroller Electronics), Mechanical Engineering, or Computer Programming (Programming for Game Design or Web Design). If you are already experienced in your preferred specialization, take this opportunity to add a new skill or specialization that you are not as familiar with. All first semester Level 1 courses fulfill the graduation requirement for Computer Science and Robotics. Experienced CS/Robotics students are also encouraged to enroll in first semester Level 1 courses to add new specializations to their skill set. Students who plan to continue on in CS/Robotics will then select a second semester Level 1 project course: Robotic Engineering, Media Arts, or Object-Oriented Programming. In these courses, students will have the opportunity to use their new skill specializations as part of a project team. Students will be grouped into teams with diverse skill specializations and work together on several large scope projects for the semester. These project courses emphasize team work and interdependence, and provide first year CS/Robotics students with the experience realizing large scale projects that they will need to be successful in our more advanced course offerings. Successful completion of any combination of Level 1 first and second semester courses will qualify students for our Level 2 course offerings. In Level 2 courses and beyond, students will be challenged to continually stretch their technical ability and understanding with topics such as Artificial Intelligence, Advanced Robotic Engineering, Machine Learning, Video Game Design, Control System Dynamics, and Virtual Reality. Students who pursue Computer Science and Robotics at Taipei American School will find themselves exceptionally well prepared to study Electrical, Mechanical, and Software Engineering at the college level, and will leave the program with useful lifelong skills in programing, design, and fabrication. The department also sponsors a variety of extracurricular teams with a significant programming and engineering elements, including: FIRST FRC, Robocup On-Stage, App Club, and VEX Robotics Competition. TAS students must satisfy a 1/2 credit CS/Robotics requirement. This requirement may be satisfied by any semester-long or year-long course listed in the CS/Robotics Dept. catalog of courses. The Virtual and Augmented Reality course can satisfy the requirement only with special approval from the CS Dept. Chair. For certain courses, there are software demands that require a system that is robust and utilizes a 64 bit Operating System and 8+ GB of RAM.

Course Offerings 2020-2021

Department Members

  • Allan Bayntun
  • Carlos Delgado-Mata
  • Jason Kiang
  • Matthew Fagen (Department Chair)
  • Nick Steckler
  • James Cloos


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