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Upper School Honor Committee

Upper School Honor Committee Mission Statement

The Honor Committee is committed to creating a community in which the values of honesty, respect, responsibility, kindness, and courage are embraced by all Upper School students at Taipei American School. It strives to inspire students to set and meet the highest ethical standards, and its ultimate vision is to ensure that students embrace and uphold the Honor Code and the TAS values in both their academic and personal lives.

Download the Honor Committee application here.

Upper School Honor Code

I pledge to do my best to promote honesty; I expect others to promote honesty too.
I pledge to do my best to respect others and their property; I expect others to do their best to respect me and my property.
I pledge to assume responsibility for my words and deeds; I expect others to assume responsibility for theirs.
I pledge to do my best to treat others with kindness; I expect others to do their best to do the same.
I pledge to be courageous and stand up for these values; I expect others to demonstrate courage through their actions.


Signing of the Honor Code