Personal & Academic Counseling

TAS Counseling Philosophy

TAS counselors promote all students’ social, emotional, academic, and multicultural competencies in a safe, respectful, and motivating school environment. This is achieved through a collaborative partnership of school personnel, parents, and community with the purpose of preparing all students for wellness, academic success, lifelong learning, and global citizenship.

We believe:

  • Student well-being is at the heart of our educational approach;
  • All students are deserving of a sense of belonging and connection;
  • All students are capable of change and growth;
  • Student success is individually defined and enhanced by one's own unique strengths;
  • It is essential to celebrate diversity in all its forms and to support our students’ development towards an awareness of their personal identities; and
  • Communication between home and school should be collaborative and ongoing.

Taipei American School Upper School Personal and Academic Counseling services are focused on proactive and individualized planning to assist students in making informed choices throughout their upper school years. Through individual appointments, group meetings and parent workshops, our counselors are here to provide support to meet the full spectrum of needs faced by students and their families. Counselors operate in 3 domains:

1. Academic and Educational Support is provided by counselors as they provide guidance in course selection, suggest educational tools to improve study habits, and assist students in implementing time management tools. Counselors also regularly consult with teachers to support their work with students.

2. Post High School Planning consists of assisting students in achieving their goals and dreams by developing four-year plans and providing general guidance for life after high school. During the student's junior and senior years, the counselors work closely with the college counselors to ensure the students receive optimal support throughout the application process, as well as in providing transitioning programs for both TAS students and their parents/guardians.

3. Personal and Emotional support is provided through a wide variety of services and programs. Our counseling team welcomes new students and hosts year-long activities through our Reach Out program. Students involved in Big Buddy practice leadership and counseling skills by pairing with lower school students throughout an entire school year. Through counseling sponsored Naviance activities in advisory, students learn more about themselves, their learning styles, and personality traits. Counselors also provide individualized assistance to students and families with an emphasis on overall wellness and a well-balanced life.

Additional counseling services are also available at the Community Services Center.