Summer Opportunities Abroad

This link is updated as we receive new information about summer programs. While some of the postings might describe a program from the previous summer, the majority are repeated in much the same format each summer with little changing other than the dates. We recommend that you seek additional information regarding any program of interest and contact them directly via email, phone, or through their online listings. Some programs are primarily academic; some are devoted to one or more outdoor activities; some combine academic, physical, and other growth areas appropriate for adolescents. It should be noted that this is not a complete listing of all available summer programs; there are, of course, many opportunities throughout the world that may be relevant for our students. We, therefore, encourage you to do further research on other potential programs that would meet the varied interests and needs of our multi-cultural population. If you are aware of a program that is not listed and feel it should be included, please contact one of the upper school academic counselors.

Click here for Summer Enrichment Programs (PDF file). Please note this is not an exhaustive list of summer opportunities.

Inform your personal & academic counselor if you are applying to the summer school abroad. You can download the form here.