EAL and students in need of academic support


Students Needing English as an Academic Language (EAL) Support

English is the language of instruction at TAS and English proficiency is essential for academic and social success at TAS. A record of strong academic achievement is required. The following additional admissions criteria are designed to ensure appropriate educational program placement to achieve reasonable progress.

English language screening is required for the following reasons:

  • an applicant is transferring from a school where English is not the language of instruction
  • an applicant speaks a language other than English
  • another reason determined by the Admissions Office

A. Lower School EAL (Grades 1-5)

When an initial or in-depth EAL screening indicates insufficient English language required for grade-level instruction and learning, the student will be placed in our EAL program in the lower school. Students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills are assessed during the EAL screening. For grades 4 and 5 applicants, English language screening and ISEE scores are used to determine minimum English proficiency required for admission.

B. Middle School EAL (Grades 6-8)

ISEE scores (including the essay) will be reviewed to determine if an applicant meets the minimum English proficiency required for admission to Grades 6 to 8. Additional language testing may sometimes be required.  

Middle school applicants who meet the minimum English proficiency criteria but could still benefit from additional language instruction are placed in the EAL Immersion program. Instead of taking a foreign language class, these students receive academic language support from an EAL specialist for five periods in each six-day cycle. Students in the EAL program have equal access to all mainstream core classes and electives. 

C. Upper School EAL (Grades 9-12)

TAS does not have an EAL program beyond grade 8; therefore, applicants whose English is a second language, must demonstrate adequate English proficiency to perform successfully in the upper school program.

D. Applying as an English as an Academic Language (EAL) Student to Grades 4-12.

Grades 4 and 5 applicants who are identified as needing English language screening will be invited to a TAS English language screening. Applicants will also be required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). The results will be used to determine minimum English academic proficiency required for admissions to grades 4 & 5. Students' listening, speaking, reading and writing skills will be assessed.

Students applying to grades 6 to 12, who are identified as needing English academic language screening, will be asked to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) to determine English academic language proficiency.

These ISEE scores can also be submitted to meet the required standardized test scores for application to TAS.

Although a student may initially be accepted to TAS without EAL support, the student may be placed in the EAL program based on teacher's recommendation and other classroom indicators.

When students attain the level of English language proficiency needed for academic success, the student may exit the program.

Students in Need of Academic Support

Taipei American School has a student support services department which provides support for students needing academic and/or speech/language support. We accept students with mild learning differences only into our regular academic program.

Each student in need of support services will be considered for admissions on the basis of whether TAS can meet his or her learning needs. TAS requires complete documentation including past evaluations, individual educational plans, Individual learning plans, and medical reports.

Students with moderate and severe learning difficulties cannot be adequately supported and therefore are not offered admission to TAS.

Parents should note that admission to one grade does not guarantee admission to the next grade given that a child’s learning needs may progress beyond the scope of TAS support services.

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