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How to Apply


Step into a culture of possibilities

On behalf of TAS, the Admissions Office welcomes you as you begin your application. If you are ready to submit your application, you may get started here:

Begin Application

Admissions Calendar

The application opens on August 1 for the school year the begins the following August. For best consideration of your application, the Admissions Office strongly encourages you to submit your application as early as possible. 

For a current school year, TAS accepts applications throughout the school year up until late January if space is still available.

Most admission decisions for the beginning of the school year (starting in August) are made and communicated between February and May on a rolling basis. Most decisions for the second semester admissions (starting in January) are made from mid-November to the end of December. If space is available, decisions may be communicated as early as possible.

In an effort to provide decisions to families as soon as possible, students with high priority may receive an acceptance letter before the end of the first semester if the School is confident space will be available. Students that receive an acceptance before the end of the first semester must still submit semester 1 transcripts as they become available. The admissions committee reserves the right to rescind an acceptance if a student is no longer in good academic or behavioral standing with their school. This is generally a small number of applications and the majority of decisions are communicated between February and May on a rolling basis.

Taipei American School usually offers of admissions to students requiring English language support in May when EAL availability is known.

Application Steps


Submit a completed online application. When you complete the application, you will create an account with TAS's application system. You will be able to log back into this account at any time to update you application before it is submitted, pay the application fee, submit required documents, communicate with the admissions staff, and check your application status.

Before the application can be processed, you must pay a non-refundable/non-transferable application fee of NT$10,000 for a first-time application. If you have applied for the previous academic year, the processing fee for reapplication for the following year is NT$5,000. Reapplication fee for returning TAS student is NT$5,000. Instructions on how to complete this payment is in the checklist of required documents and action steps inside the application's homepage.

The following supporting documents are required in order to complete your application. The documents must be uploaded directly to the applicant's checklist in the application portal. Documents may not be sent in through email.

A. School Records

Current and the last two years of school records, if applicable, are required. School records from schools in which English is not the language of instruction must be translated into English.

B. Confidential Recommendation Form (CRF)

Students applying to Kindergarten A to Grade 12 must submit a confidential recommendation form filled out by a student's current teacher, counselor, or principal. To complete this form, navigate to your checklist in your applicant portal and click on the confidential recommendation form. Here you will input the information about recommender, including his or her email address. The recommendation form will be emailed to the recommender electronically, where he or she will fill it out and submit it back to the admissions office electronically.

C. Standardized Testing Requirement for Admission to Grades 4-12

Students applying to grades 4-12 must upload scores from a standardized test that was taken within two years of the date of application. If current standardized test scores are not available, the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) is required of students.

For students applying to grades 1 to 3, standardized test scores are not required but are highly desirable.

All Applicants to Grades 4 to 8

Students applying to grades 4 to 8 must submit current scores from one of the following standardized test scores:

  • ERB's CTP (Comprehensive Testing Program , ERB's Writing Assessment Program (WrAP) most US State examinations, IOWA Test of Basic Skills, Secondary School Admissions (SSAT), or the Independent Secondary School Exam (ISEE). Scores from other standardized tests may be submitted upon the approval of the TAS admissions committee.
  • Students applying to grades 4-8 who do not have any of the above standardized test scores will be required to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at Taipei American School or other designated test sites. For general information about the ISEE, please visit www.iseetest.org. Please refer to Standardized Testing Requirements and Registration Instructions for ISEE.
All Applicants to Grades 9-12

Students applying to grades 9-12 must submit one of the following standardized test scores:

  • ERB's CTP, WrAP, SSAT, ISEE, PSAT, College Boards' SAT, or ACT. Scores from other standardized tests may be submitted upon the approval of the TAS admissions committee.
  • Students who do not have any of the above standardized tests scores will be asked to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE). For general information about ISEE, please visit www.iseetest.org. Please refer to Standardized Testing Requirements and Registration Instructions for ISEE.

D. Passports and Visa

Copies of your child's passport and visa and parents' passports are required. Upon enrollment, original passports and valid ROC visa must be shown to the Admissions Office staff.

NOTE: All TAS students must travel on a foreign passport for school sponsored trips.

E. Additional Residence Documentation.

TAS may require proof of residency to demonstrate that a parent has lived in the country of the issuing passport. Passports obtained solely by investment with a foreign country do not meet TAS admissions criteria. Click here for more information.


A. Lower School Applicants

All lower school applicants are required to participate in an interview or visitation.

Kindergarten A and Kindergarten Applicants

Students applying to Kindergarten A and Kindergarten are required to participate in a group visitation in March or May. Due to limited space, students will only be invited to these group visitation if space is available at TAS to consider a student's application. Invitations are sent in February and March for the group visitations. Please see the admissions calendar for visitation dates. 

Applicants to Grades 1-5

Beginning with applications for the 2020-21 school year, the Taipei American School Lower School Admission Officer will interview all on-island applicants to Grades 1-5 regardless of space conditions. Taipei American School looks forward to meeting with each family and learning more about you and your child during this meeting. The interview will also help the Admissions Committee better understand your child's language and academic needs.

Applicants from Overseas

The interview and visitations are still required for applicants from overseas. If a family plans to be in Taiwan during the admissions process, please contact the Admissions Office to best set up a plan for your child. Lower school Grade 1-5 applicants applying from overseas may be pre-accepted, but the final admissions decision and grade placement are made in Taipei only after the interview is complete. TAS does not offer pre-acceptances to Kindergarten or Kindergarten A; however spaces may be held vacant for an applicant applying from overseas and a final admission decision will be made after the applicant arrives in Taipei.

B. Middle or Upper School Applicants

Interviews are not required for middle and upper school applicants, however the Admissions Committee reserves the right to interview if they believe it is necessary. Applicants who need English language screening will be invited to take the Independent School Entrance Exam (ISEE) at Taipei American School or at other designated test centers listed on www.iseetest.org. Please refer to Standardized Testing Requirements and Registration Instructions for ISEE.

The school reserves the right to rescind acceptance to any student whose initial screening scores are significantly superior to the student's subsequent performance.


Completed applications are sent to the appropriate divisional admissions committee for review. Admission decisions are based on a careful assessment of school records, English language proficiency, and the school's ability to meet the student's needs within the existing programs.

TAS reserves the right to request additional diagnostic testing or a full evaluation before a decision is made for any students KA through grade 12.


A. Acceptance

If an applicant is qualified and space is available, a formal letter of acceptance will be sent that will provide information for registration and enrollment. Each year a few students are conditionally accepted.

B. Waiting Status

Qualified applicants are placed in a waiting status when there is no space available in the selected grade. Every effort will be made to inform the candidate's family about space availability so that the family can plan appropriately. Given the school's admission priority system, a student's waiting status may change if there are subsequent applications from families with higher priority.

Any students with an application on a waiting status will be invited to reapply for the next school year.

C. Denial

Students can be denied admission on the basis of their academic record, behavioral record, or their English language proficiency. Students can also be denied admission when TAS lacks a program to meet their individual needs. Denied students may not reapply for the same academic year.


Families will be pre-registered after completion of:

  1. Enrollment Contract
  2. Registration fee payment of 50,000 NTD OR sponsoring organization letter (If fees and/or tuition will be paid by a sponsoring organization, the school requires written documentation from the sponsoring organization.)


  1. Show the Admissions Office staff the child's original passport, valid ROC visa or Alien Resident Certificate (ARC). (To be eligible to attend TAS, students must hold a foreign passport and a valid visa to reside in ROC.)
  2. Medical Examination Form to be completed and signed by a physician. The completed Medical Examination Form is emailed to nurse@tas.tw.
  3. Copy of Immunization records, email to nurse@tas.tw
  4. Tuition and all fees must be received before the student can attend classes