Changing Usage Policies for Your TAS Email Account
TAS Alumni Office

As of December 2018, the TAS Alumni Office and IT Department have rolled out two changes to TAS alumni email accounts. This notice is only for alumni who have graduated in 2010 or later who had a TAS email account as a student.

If you have a TAS email account and want to continue using it, please make sure you log in at least once every two years in order to keep it active. IT will be deactivating any accounts that have not had any activity in the past two years, and you will not be able to access your old emails or send new ones. As long as you log in to your account at least once every two years, you can keep the TAS email account for as long as you like.

All TAS alumni email accounts have switched from the domain to domain. Your username will stay the same. Any email sent to your username will also be received at the address until June 30, 2019. To let your contacts know about this change, we suggest an autoreply response or mass mailing to all contacts. 

Email us if you have questions or concerns: