Season 1 IASAS Exchanges: TAS Schedule & Results

Come out to the Lower Field to support the varsity boys and girls soccer teams at the 2019 IASAS Soccer Exchange on Friday, Sept. 20 and Saturday, Sept. 21. TAS will host visiting teams from IASAS rival schools International School Bangkok and International School Manila as well as local schools Hsingwu Senior High, Yungching Senior High, and New Taipei Senior High.

The varsity volleyball and cross country teams will be traveling to Thailand this weekend to compete in IASAS Exchanges hosted by International School Bangkok. Best of luck to all of our Tigers competing in Season 1 IASAS Exchanges across the region! Scroll down for the complete TAS schedule and results. GO TIGERS!

IASAS Soccer Exchange @ TAS - Schedule & Results

All times Taipei Standard Time

Friday, September 20

13:30: Boys soccer vs. ISM

17:00: Girls volleyball vs. ISB

17:30: Girls soccer vs. Hsingwu Senior High

18:45: Boys volleyball vs. ISB

Saturday, September 21

8:30: Girls cross country 5K race

9:15: Boys cross country 5K race

9:00: Girls volleyball vs. ISM

10:40: Boys soccer vs. ISB

11:45: Boys volleyball vs. ISM

12:00: Girls soccer vs. ISM

13:20: Boys soccer vs. New Taipei Senior High

14:00: Girls volleyball vs. BSS

15:45: Boys volleyball vs. NSS

17:20: Girls soccer vs. ISB

17:30: Girls volleyball 1-vs-2 and 3-vs-4 matches

19:15: Boys volleyball 1-vs-2 and 3-vs-4 matches


TAS competes as a member of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) along with the International School Bangkok (ISB), International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), International School Manila (ISM), Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), and Singapore American School (SAS). TAS athletic teams also compete against local and other on-island and off-island international schools.

IASAS Athletics Seasons:

  • Season 1: Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Season 2: Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, and Touch
  • Season 3: Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Softball, and Track & Field

Fans can find tournament livestreams, results, photos and more by visiting the official IASAS site.

The official IASAS Rules & Guidelines as well as housing suggestions and FAQs can be found on in the Student-Athlete/Parent Handbook.

2018-2019 IASAS Championship Results

Season 1

Season 1 IASAS Championship Results


IASAS Soccer Championships at Singapore American School

Varsity girls soccer: Silver

All-tournament: Sydney H. ('19), Maggie L. ('19), Katelyn C. ('19)

Varsity boys soccer: Sixth place 

All-tournament: Ryan L. ('19), Carlos D.M. ('19)

IASAS Volleyball & Cross Country Championships at the International School of Kuala Lumpur

Varsity girls volleyball: Silver

All-tournament: Stephanie W. ('19), Charlotte L. ('20) 

Varsity boys volleyball: Silver

All-tournament: Kyle H. ('20), Andrew C. ('19)

Varsity girls cross country: Bronze

All-tournament: Emily K. ('19), Evelyn L. ('20), Sarahi Z. ('20)

Varsity boys cross country: Silver

All-tournament: Charlie H. ('19), Guo C. ('19), Logan C. ('20)

Event websites

Soccer at SAS

Volleyball at ISKL

Cross country at ISKL

Season 2

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Boys Swimming: Gold
Girls Basketball: Silver
Boys Basketball: Bronze
Rugby: Bronze
Girls Tennis: Bronze
Girls Swimming: 4th
Boys Tennis: 4th
Touch: 4th
TAS earned five Season 2 IASAS medals for the first time since 2010. Congratulations to all of our student-athletes and coaches!

Event Websites:

Basketball at SAS

Rugby & Touch at ISKL

Swimming at ISM

Tennis at ISB

Season 2 IASAS

TAS Schedule & Results

Note: For the swimming schedule, please visit the event website linked above.

All times Taipei Standard Time

Thu 1/31

8:00 am: TAS 53 v. ISM boys basketball 38 (Win)

8:30 am: TAS 2 v. ISKL girls touch 7 (Loss)

9:15 am: TAS 64 v. ISKL girls basketball 21 (Win)

9:30 am: TAS 1 v. SAS girls tennis 4 (Loss)

11:45 am: TAS 3 v. JIS boys tennis 2 (Win)

12:15 pm: TAS 12 v. SAS boys rugby 22 (Loss)

12:30 pm: TAS 48 v. ISB girls basketball 27 (Win)

1:15 pm: TAS 5 v. JIS girls touch 2 (Win)

1:45 pm: TAS 48 v. ISKL boys basketball 41 (Win)

2:00 pm: TAS 4 v. ISB girls tennis 1 (Win)

4:15 pm: TAS 2 v. SAS boys tennis 3 (Loss)

5:30 pm: TAS 52 v. ISM girls basketball 28 (Win)

5:30 pm: TAS 24 v. ISB boys rugby 5 (Win)

6:45 pm: TAS 43 v. SAS boys basketball 56 (Loss)


Fri 2/1

8:30 am: TAS 4 v. ISB girls touch 0 (Win)

9:15 am: TAS 0 v. ISB boys tennis 5 (Loss)

9:30 am: TAS 51 v. JIS girls basketball 11 (Win)

11:00 am: TAS 47 v. ISB boys basketball 44 (Win)

11:30 am: TAS 0 v. ISM girls tennis 5 (Loss)

11:30 am: TAS 0 v. ISKL boys rugby 26 (Loss)

1:15 pm: TAS 3 v. ISM girls touch 4 (Loss)

2:00 pm: TAS 48 v. SAS girls basketball 34 (Win)

2:00 pm: TAS 0 v. ISM boys tennis 5 (Loss)

3:30 pm: TAS 59 v. JIS boys basketball 41 (Win)

4:15 pm: TAS 4 v. ISKL girls tennis 1 (Win)

5:00 pm: TAS 17 v. JIS boys rugby 19 (Loss)


Sat 2/2

8:00 am: Girls basketball semifinal TAS 48 vs. ISM 18 (Win)

9:00 am: TAS 4 v. JIS girls tennis 1 (Win)

9:30 am: Boys basketball semifinal TAS 47 vs. ISM 53 (Loss)

10:00 am: TAS 2 v. SAS girls touch 6 (Loss)

11:00 am: TAS 4 v. ISKL boys tennis 1 (Win)

11:30 am: TAS 10 v. ISM boys rugby 14 (Loss)

2:00 pm: Girls tennis bronze medal match TAS 4 vs. ISKL 1 (Win)

2:00 pm: Boys tennis bronze medal match TAS 2 vs. SAS 3 (Loss)

2:15 pm: Boys basketball bronze medal game TAS 50 vs. ISB 44 (Win)

2:30 pm: Touch bronze medal match TAS 2 vs. SAS 3 (Loss)

3:45 pm: Girls basketball finals TAS 49 vs. SAS 47 (Loss)

4:00 pm: Rugby bronze medal match TAS 14 vs. SAS 0 (Win)

Season 3

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Event Websites:

Badminton @ JIS

Baseball & Softball @ ISB

Golf @ JIS

Track & Field @ TAS

Come on out to the Lower Field to support our student-athletes at the 2019 IASAS Track & Field Championships!



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Season 3 IASAS: TAS Schedule & Results

Note: For the complete track & field schedule and results, please visit the event website linked above.

All times Taipei Standard Time

Thursday, April 11

7:30: First track & field event (girls 3000m final) - Girls and boys both sit in first going into Day 2

9:00: Girls badminton 4 vs. ISB 1 (Win)

9:30: Softball 15 vs. ISM 1 (Win)

10:00: Boys and girls golf stroke play (shotgun start) - Girls in first, boys in second going into Day 2

10:15: Boys badminton 2 vs. ISKL 3 (Loss)

13:30: Boys badminton 5 vs. ISM 0 (Win)

13:30: Baseball 1 vs. SAS 11 (Loss)

14:45: Girls badminton 5 vs. ISKL 0 (Win)

15:30: Softball 10 vs. ISKL 7 (Win)

18:30: Boys badminton 3 vs. ISB 2 (Win)

19:30: Baseball 0 vs. ISB 17

19:45: Girls badminton 5 vs. SAS 0 (Win)

Friday, April 12

9:00: First track & field event (girls 400m heats) - Girls and boys both lead the team standings entering the final day

9:00: Boys badminton 2 vs. SAS 3 (Loss) 

9:00: Softball 6 vs. ISB 3 (Win)

10:00: Boys and girls golf stroke play (shotgun start) - Sit in third place entering Saturday match play

10:15: Girls badminton 5 vs. JIS 0 (Win)

11:00: Baseball 0 vs. ISM 4 (Loss)

13:00: Girls badminton 5 vs. ISM 0 (Win)

15:00: Softball 13 vs. JIS 3 (earned berth in gold medal game)

15:30: Boys badminton 2 vs. JIS 3 (Loss)

19:00: Baseball 3 vs. ISKL 10 (Loss)

Boys badminton 2 vs. ISB 3 (Loss; playing in fifth place game tomorrow)

Saturday, April 13

9:00: First track & field event (girls 100m hurdles final)

9:00: Girls badminton semifinal - TAS 5 vs. SAS 0 (Win)

9:00: Baseball 2 vs. JIS 3 (Loss)

12:00: Boys and girls golf match play (semi-shotgun start)

13:00: Softball 14 vs. SAS 19 (Loss)

16:30: Girls badminton gold medal match - TAS 3 vs. JIS 2 (Win)

17:00: Softball championship game - TAS 1 vs. SAS 9 (Loss)

2018-2019 TAS-Hosted IASAS Exchanges

IASAS Basketball Exchange

Tiger Classic IASAS Track & Field Exchange

TAS is proud to welcome nine visiting schools for the 2019 Tiger Classic IASAS Track & Field Exchange!




The Tiger Classic schedule and results are also available via the Track & Field Meet Mobile app (after installing the app, search for "2019 Tiger Classic"). The app requires a paid subscription in order to view results.

Track & Field Meet Mobile (App Store)

Track & Field Meet Mobile (Google Play)

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