TAS competes as a member of the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asian Schools (IASAS) along with the International School Bangkok (ISB), International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL), International School Manila (ISM), Jakarta Intercultural School (JIS), and Singapore American School (SAS). TAS athletic teams also compete against local and other on-island and off-island international schools.

IASAS Athletics Seasons:

  • Season 1: Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball
  • Season 2: Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, and Touch
  • Season 3: Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Softball, and Track & Field

Fans can find tournament livestreams, results, photos and more by visiting the official IASAS site.

The official IASAS Rules & Guidelines as well as housing suggestions and FAQs can be found on in the Student-Athlete/Parent Handbook.

2018-2019 IASAS Championship Results

Season 1

Season 1 IASAS Championship Results


IASAS Soccer Championships at Singapore American School

Varsity girls soccer: Silver

All-tournament: Sydney H. ('19), Maggie L. ('19), Katelyn C. ('19)

Varsity boys soccer: Sixth place 

All-tournament: Ryan L. ('19), Carlos D.M. ('19)

IASAS Volleyball & Cross Country Championships at the International School of Kuala Lumpur

Varsity girls volleyball: Silver

All-tournament: Stephanie W. ('19), Charlotte L. ('20) 

Varsity boys volleyball: Silver

All-tournament: Kyle H. ('20), Andrew C. ('19)

Varsity girls cross country: Bronze

All-tournament: Emily K. ('19), Evelyn L. ('20), Sarahi Z. ('20)

Varsity boys cross country: Silver

All-tournament: Charlie H. ('19), Guo C. ('19), Logan C. ('20)

Event websites

Soccer at SAS

Volleyball at ISKL

Cross country at ISKL