The mission of the athletic department at Taipei American School is to develop future leaders by cultivating an environment that promotes education, healthy competition, and personal growth through athletics. The department supports the mission and standards of Taipei American School by providing equitable opportunities for student-athletes to participate in quality international athletic competition while placing an intrinsic value on integrity, ethical conduct, academic excellence, athletic achievement and competitive spirit.

Athletics participation is offered at the varsity, junior varsity, freshman, Grade 7 & 8, and Grade 6 levels for boys and girls. Our teams practice after school Monday through Friday. Varsity teams practice every weekday, JV teams four days a week, freshman teams three days a week, and Middle School teams two to three days a week. An activity bus runs for students who participate in sports after school. Most competitions are held during the week, but there are occasional weekend commitments.

For an overview of the TAS Athletics Sports Program, please view the TAS Athletics Sports Program Offerings Matrix.

At the end of each season, our varsity teams compete in the IASAS tournament. TAS has had considerable success in IASAS competitions over the years and earned five gold medals in 2017-2018.

The athletic department posts all information on sports offerings and hosting dates within the Athletics Acknowledgement form on PowerSchool. To access this form, please log in to your parent portal account and click the Athletics Permission icon in the left-hand navigation menu.

IMPORTANT: Parents, please ensure to read the Athletics Acknowledgment form with your student and provide your digital signature at the bottom of the page. This signature gives permission for your child to participate in US athletics.

2022-2023 MS/US Athletics Program Overview Videos

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