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Our Seasonal Schedule & Offerings

Taipei American School offers a robust athletics season schedule for the Middle and Upper School divisions. 

Athletics participation is offered at the varsity, junior varsity, Grade 7 & 8, and Grade 6 levels for boys and girls. Our teams practice after school Monday through Saturdays. Varsity teams practice every weekday and some Saturdays, JV teams four days a week, freshman teams three days a week, and Middle School teams two to three days a week.  

An activity bus runs for students who participate in sports after school during the early season. Most competitions are held during the week, but there are occasional weekend commitments. 

At the end of each season, our varsity teams compete in the Interscholastic Association of Southeast Asia Schools (IASAS) tournament, which usually requires off-island travel for competition. For more information on the IASAS organization, please click here

Inspiring Hundreds of Tiger Athletes Across Thirteen Sports

Middle School Offerings

Fall Season

Grade 7/8: Cross Country, Soccer (Girls), Softball, Tennis, Volleyball  

Grade 6: Badminton, Baseball, Cross Country, Soccer (Girls), Softball

Winter Season

Grade 7/8: Basketball (Boys), Rugby, Swimming, Touch Rugby (Girls)  

Grade 6: Rugby, Swimming, Touch Rugby (Girls) 

Spring Season

Grade 7/8: Badminton, Baseball, Basketball (Girls), Golf, Soccer (Boys), Track & Field  

Grade 6: Basketball, Soccer (Boys), Track & Field, Volleyball  

Upper School Offerings

Season 1

Cross Country, Soccer, Volleyball 

Sport Specific Training: Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, Touch 

Season 2

Basketball, Rugby, Swimming, Tennis, Touch  

Sport Specific Training: Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Softball, Track & Field 

Season 3

Badminton, Baseball, Golf, Softball, Track & Field   

Sport Specific Training: None 

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