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Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Information for Alumni Data.

Please read the following message on the collection, process, and use of personal data you are being asked to submit in the Taipei American School (TAS) Alumni News Magazine Submission Form.


The personal data you submit is protected and regulated in accordance with the Republic of China’s Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA), amended December 30, 2015, and the information privacy policies and practices of TAS.

General Privacy Policy for Alumni

The secrecy and protection of the information entrusted to TAS is extremely important. TAS strives to manage personal data in a responsible manner and according to the provisions of the PDPA and other applicable standards. It is necessary for TAS to collect certain personal data to serve its alumni community. TAS recognizes its legal requirements and its responsibility to its community to ensure privacy and security through the implementation of sound policies and practices that safeguard personal data.

This notification is provided with the purpose of giving you full power and control over your personal data and ensuring your informed consent to the collection, process, and use of your personal data. Therefore, please read the following information thoroughly before you provide your consent.

This privacy notice will be available for you at all times on the TAS website. The validity of the privacy notice shall extend to the later amendment published on the TAS website. If you have any questions or concerns about TAS policies for collection, process, and use of personal data, please contact the TAS Alumni Office. The requirements and protections mandated by PDPA may be referenced through the Republic of China Ministry of Justice at www.moj.gov.tw.

I. The Purpose of Personal Data Collection

TAS collects personal data for the purpose of the establishment and maintenance of the alumni database. Personal data will also be used to ensure our compliance with any applicable Republic of China's regulation. Personal data may also be used for the purposes of facilitating TAS alumni outreach efforts, including but not limited to sending invitations to events, publishing and maintaining the alumni directory, sharing class lists with reunion organizers/class agents/alumni volunteers, and communication from the school. Individual-identifying personal data will not be made public in any way without written permission.

II. The Classification of Personal Data

You will be asked to submit personal identifying data, including but not limited to full names, gender, birthday, phone numbers, email addresses, physical addresses, year of graduation or year of attendance at TAS, family or marriage status, educational background, and occupation.

III. Time, Period, Area, Target and Method of Using Personal Data

(i) Personal data will be retained in TAS records for purposes of alumni communications. As we deem TAS alumni as highly important to our school, we will not delete the personal data, unless we receive your written request to do so.

(ii) Area: The personal data will be collected, processed, and used by TAS in the territory of Taiwan.

(iii) Target: TAS will not transmit or transfer any private personal data to other organizations, individuals, or private business, unless it is legally required upon request to cooperate with the investigation of a judicial authority, or TAS has contractual relationships with those entities. If personal data is transmitted or transferred to third parties as a result of legal requirements or contractual obligations, TAS will ensure that recipients of personal data employ the same level of personal data protection as required by law.

(iv) Method: This information will be collected through the alumni contact information update form and/or through personal meetings, and stored digitally in the TAS systems.

All personal data will be used and protected in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

IV. Your Rights Under PDPA

You may exercise the following rights in accordance with Article 3 of PDPA, including:

(i) You may raise any inquiry, request review, or duplication of your personal data. TAS may charge you the necessary expenses incurred for such service.

(ii)You may request TAS to supplement or correct the personal data, but you should provide appropriate explanation.

(iii)You may request TAS to discontinue collecting, processing or using your personal data, and delete the personal data except for what may be necessary for TAS to perform its legal duties or school operation under the relevant laws. If you wish to exercise the aforesaid rights, you may make the request to alumni@tas.edu.tw and we will proceed with it per your request.

V. You may choose not to provide your personal data

You may choose not to provide your personal information to TAS. However, if you so choose, or request to discontinue collecting, processing, or using your personal data, or to delete your personal data, you may not receive any information/communication from the school in future.

By submitting a Transcript Request Form, I am providing my written consent to the collection, process, and use of my personal data. I also agree with any of TAS's subsequent amendments to the privacy notice promulgated on the TAS website.​​
TAS publishes an online alumni directory of email and mailing city/ state/ country in the secure Alumni Portal which is password protected. TAS also shares class lists with reunion organizers, class agents, and alumni volunteers. If you do not wish your contact details to be published or shared with fellow alumni in any way, please select "No".​​​​
For any questions, please email transcripts@tas.tw