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"Resilience and Inclusion" Webinar Event on September 8

SAVE THE DATE. TAS Cultural Connection (TASCC) will host a parent webinar titled "Resilience and Inclusion at TAS" on September 8 at 8:30 AM. The program will include a welcome by the TASCC liaisons, Reed Aitken and Shelley Lin, a brief address by both Head of School Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge and Lower School Associate Principal (and JEDI committee member) Ms. Becky Klar, and a presentation on resilience along with conversations facilitated by the TAS KA-12 counseling team.

The webinar will close with small group breakout rooms for an in-depth discussion of the topics raised in the webinar. Both TAS and the TASCC value listening, connecting, and growing. We hope that you will consider listening, connecting, and growing with us in this special digital event. Let's kick off the school year learning about this key schoolwide initiative.

For more information, please contact the TAS Cultural Connection committee at chair@tascc.tas.tw. Please register for this event here: www.tas.edu.tw/communication/tas-cultural-connection-webinar

Simultaneous Mandarin translation will be available during the webinar.

我們期待您的參與! 9月8日早上8點半的時候美國學校的文化連結小組(TAS Cultural Connection, TASCC)將會舉辦一個線上的家長座談會。主題為「韌性以及包容在台北美國學校所呈現的面面觀」(Resilience and Inclusion at TAS)。當天的座談會除了文化連結小組的聯絡人Reed Aitken和Shelly Lin外,總校長程上博士(Dr. Grace Cheng Dodge)和小學部副校長,同時也是正義、平等、多元、包容小組(JEDI committee)的成員Becky Klar也會有簡短的致詞。


如果您希望了解更多相關的內容,請發電郵到 chair@tascc.tas.tw。我們期待您的參與,線上座談會的登記連結在此處。



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