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TAS Alumna and Art Assistant Prepares for First Art Show

Welcome to the wonderful world of Lily and the Creatures.

Have you ever admired the kind of people who are full of creative ideas? Or did you ever think that you were incapable of creating art? One TAS alumna turned art assistant is here to show us that there are many routes for artistic creation and creativity may come from the most unexpected of places, including the small details of daily life.

Lily Yang ('14) has been working on opening her first art exhibit in downtown Taipei, which will open in late September. The exhibit, "Conscious Creatures," is a collection of 100 postcards. Yang uses and combines things with materials such as dried fruits skin, expired film, lotion jar lids, leftover paper, candy packaging, cake boxes, stickers, and filter coffee bags, dried leaves, and other random scraps of recycled materials -- what she calls "little creatures" of different colors, shapes, and materials.

"Working at TAS is what pushed me to do an exhibit," Yang said. "I think the encouraging atmosphere in the art department to make your own work and share it, made me more confident as an artist."

Besides a group of supportive colleagues, there are always some interesting scraps of materials that get thrown away in the art studios, which became some good resources for making art.

"It could be the edges of a painting that was cut off, a paper jam from the color printer (which sometimes creates a cool half-printed effect), peeled acrylic from an unwashed palette, or leftover pieces from a laser-cut piece…the art room is a treasure chest!" said Yang.

This series of works is also a challenge Lily wants to give herself. "I had one goal at the beginning, which is to make a small piece of art consecutively for 100 days. I wanted to develop a habit of showing up to make art every day even if I was not feeling inspired or was tiring."

In addition to training herself creativity "muscles," it is also a chance for her to digest and reflect on thoughts and inspiration draw from daily life, which she called a phase of spiritual exploration.

She said, "The project turned into a great outlet for me to reflect on what was happening in my life. It’s rare that we have such an opportunity to dive into how we are affected by the things happening around us."

Here is the process of how she started her work:

1. Find an interesting/weird material (or things that would otherwise be thrown in the trash)

2. Cut up different shapes and pieces and assemble them on my postcard. I’ll pay attention to shape, color, texture, and detail

3. Look deeply at the creature I created and what it makes me think about. What is my subconscious trying to tell me in creating this creature? What am I really thinking about?

4. Write the caption

Lily will put "eyes" on the creatures that complete the art pieces, giving the "creatures" life, and also giving them the "voice" to express and communicate. Therefore, each little creature carries a different story and energy that Lily wants to share with us through the exhibition. This is her first exhibition, and she has dedicated much time and effort to it.

"It was a lot more work than I expected! Especially since everything x100 is a crazy amount. It’s a very different type of creative endeavor," she said. "Doing and the exhibition is an art in itself."

"I believe that to think creatively is to challenge the norm and do things in unconventional ways. Everyone can be creative. You don’t need to be talented in art, and it can be learned and practiced."

Most importantly, she thinks that "the more we expose ourselves to different forms of thoughts, cultures, and experiences, the more breadth of ideas we can connect and merge."

Instead of thinking of her as a creative person, she feels like she's an intentional person who likes to think thoroughly about the problem or the desire and find the most suitable way to tackle it.

One of her favorite creatures is the "No. 47 seed creature", which is made up of dried leaves and petals. Lily believes that there are positive and negative “seeds” in each of us. If we can all realize the positive seeds that lead us to empathize, tolerate, and love, don’t forget to water them and take good care of them!

The opening of the exhibition "Conscious Creatures" will take place on Saturday, September 11. Lily and the little creatures are ready to welcome everyone. 



Lily Yang ('14) 近期一直在努力籌備她在台北市中心舉辦的首場藝術展覽。展覽將於九月中旬開幕。『意識怪獸』是一百張系列小怪獸明信片的作品展出,Lily利用並結合像是乾水果皮、過期底片、乳液瓶蓋、剩餘的紙張、糖果包裝、蛋糕盒、貼紙、濾掛咖啡包、樹葉...等生活中容易取得的回收材料,誕生了這些不同顏色、造型和素材的小怪獸們。

「在 TAS 工作是促成我想要做這個展覽的動力。」Lily提到:「我覺得藝術部門裡面那種鼓勵創作和分享的氛圍,讓我對於作為一位藝術家更有信心。」



這些系列作品同時也是Lily想給自己的一項挑戰,「一開始我給自己一個目標,就是連續100天每天都做一件小藝術品。 我想養成一種習慣,即使我沒有靈感或很累的時候,也能每天起身創作。」




  1. 找一個有趣或奇怪的材料(或者可能最後會扔進垃圾桶的東西)。
  2. 剪下不同的形狀和碎片,並拼接組裝在我的明信片上。我會留意媒材的形狀、顏色、質地和細節。
  3. 觀察我創造出來的「小怪獸」以及它帶給我的想法。在創造它時,我的潛意識試圖告訴我什麼?或者我內心真實的想法是什麼?
  4. 寫下我的想法跟反思。








Conscious Creatures 意識怪獸

Live Opening: Sept. 11, 1-3 PM |展覽開幕:9/11(六)下午1點至3點

See the Show: Sept.4-26 Monday-Sunday 10 AM-7 PM |來看展:9/4~9/26 週一~週日10:00-19:00

Location: GARDEN CITY BOOKSTORE |地點:田園城市生活風格書店 1F藝文空間

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/events/961108584622515/




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