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Tigers Continue Learning in Lockdown

Many of our Tigers choose to enroll in TAS's Summer Academy each year as a way to deepen and extend their school year experiences. From June 7 until July 2, while Taiwan was in Level 3 lockdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 230 Tigers led by18 teachers chose to continue their learning experiences by enrolling in the first-ever TAS Online Summer Academy. An additional 9 upper school students enrolled in online internships to receive real-world career experience. Tigers are committed to learning and personal excellence, and nowhere is it more clear than when these students and staff are motivated and challenged to continue their intellectual pursuits over the summer.

Summer Academy made adjustments in late May due to Ministry of Education guidelines, which resulted in abridged curricular offerings for this summer. This summer, the school offered only Upper School for-credit courses across a number of domains including:

  • Honors Biology

  • Honors Film

  • Public Speaking, 

  • Theatre Arts

  • US History, 

  • Programming for Game Design 

  • Artificial Intelligence 

  • Honors Geometry and Honors Advanced Geometry 

  • Honors Algebra 2

  • Expository Writing 

  • Mechanical Engineering

Teachers had less than one week to adjust their in-person learning experiences to better suit the Level 3 home lockdown requirements in place by the government. According to the Summer Academy Director and US Dean of Student Dr. Daniel Long, "Teachers showed an immense amount of creativity, and, as expected they overachieved."

In Honors Biology, Dr. Evelyn Chen prepared weekly research kits for her students to pick up from the TAS front gate so that they could engage in actual research at home, including dissections of owl pellets and analyzing the effect of light on starch production. In Honors Film, Mr. Brett Barrus ran a "masterclass"-style course, turning his entire semester-long class into a virtual video-laden environment worthy of a college syllabus. In Public Speaking and Theatre Arts Mr. Cory Edwards engaged students in daily full-class online activities including opening calisthenics and other improvisation activities while preparing for their many speech assignments. 

"I had the pleasure of tuning into classes throughout the month of June, and in each, students were engaged and learning meaningfully," said Long.




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