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Two TAS Students Present at the American Chemical Society National Meeting

Two TAS students, one current and one recent graduate, were recently selected to present at the American Chemical Society National Meeting, held digitally online on August 22-26, 2021.

Hironori Kondo ('21) and Enoch (Wu Han) Toh ('22) both conducted research while enrolled in upper school scientific research courses last school year. Hiro was selected to give an oral presentation based on his research from Honors Research in Nanotechnology, and Enoch will give a poster presentation based on his research from Honors Research in Chemistry.

Hiro's paper is titled "Fabrication and modeling of non-faradaic double gyroidal capacitors for dual-use, energy-storing structural materials." He will present on August 23 from 2:40 pm-3:00 pm Eastern Time. His research discusses the potential of new, three-dimensional battery and capacitor geometries, paying special attention to the need for thinner and lighter materials. If you'd like to read more about his research, you can find a link to his paper here.

Enoch's paper is titled "Effects of phenolic compounds isolated from Chinese herbal medicine Rhodiola Rosea on preventing photoaging of keratinocytes," and he will present it on August 25, 2021, from 7:00-9:00 pm Eastern Time. Enoch's work focuses on the anti-aging properties of the traditional Chinese medicine compound Rhodiola Rosea, known colloquially as the “golden root." Enoch's full paper can be found here.

According to Mr. Clapper, who has taught both Hiro and Enoch and serves as the Corning Director of Scientific Research and M.C. Escher Chair of Scientific Research at TAS, both students used the research program as a creative outlet to explore science and multidisciplinary thinking.

"Hiro is the stereotypical 'think outside the box' type of student," said Clapper. "He came into my nanotechnology class with his project topic, methods, and materials needed list completed… on the very first day!" Clapper also noted that Hiro's unique ability to simplify and explain complex science and math concepts to "anyone" has enabled him to excel not only in the research side of science but also in the teaching and explanation side of the discipline.

Clapper says that Enoch has also developed a reputation for himself on campus as one who has the ability to help others with their science and math. "Everyone turns to him for help with the most difficult problems," said Clapper. "He often will go the extra mile and help students research answers to their problems." 

Enoch's journey in scientific research has been especially rewarding for Clapper to watch as he has made a name for himself not just at TAS but beyond, including at Chang Gung Memorial Hospital - where he served as a research partner conducting tests on human skin cells. Enoch also served as an invited speaker at the 2021 Aesthetic Medicine World Congress and Taiwan Dermatology Aesthetic Conference -- all as a junior in high school.

Clapper says that Enoch "devours scientific literature for fun", and while it might not be quite as fancy as some other titles, it is, perhaps, the most telling description of this young scientist.



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