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US Athletes Adjust to Athletics without IASAS

By Tyler L. ('23), TAS Communications Intern

Season 1 sports for the 2021-22 school year are soon coming to a close. Typically, at the end of each season, our athletes would participate in the annual IASAS event. Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus, our Tigers are unable to travel this year to compete in these interscholastic events.

The annual athletics IASAS events are known to provide a special place for athletes to bond both as a team and with other international students. While many are saddened by IASAS’s continued cancellation, it is especially disappointing for graduating seniors who have been unable to attend two IASAS years in a row, for half of their upper school athletics careers.

“I’ve played with the seniors this year since my freshman year so it’s super sad to see them go without having the full IASAS experience with them one last time,” Chloe W. (‘23) said.

However, despite the travel restrictions, TAS athletes are grateful that they are still able to exercise and play their respective sports.

“I feel really disappointed and sad that I won't be able to experience the fun of traveling and competing with a team in the sport that I love. But, I also remember that there are people out there who are in much worse situations. So I am lucky to be in the situation I am in currently. Once I remember that, I find it a lot less sad about not being able to attend another one, and grateful for what I have,” Ben G. (‘22) said.

Some upper school teams even have the opportunity to participate in local tournaments that they have never previously taken part in before.

“In absence of IASAS we are playing in the SanChong volleyball tournament, but they won’t allow spectators because of COVID,” Chloe W. (‘23) shared.

“Although it feels sad that there’s no IASAS, we look forward to our final cross-country race (with IASAS schools) on 10/14!” Guan C. (‘23) said.



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