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A Vibrant Learning Community

We are an organization driven by and for people.

We are multicultural, multifaceted, multinational, multilingual, and multigenerational.

With over seven decades of experience educating future leaders in Taipei, our organization is not just a school: it's a deeply-rooted pillar within the expat community in Taiwan.

On average, about 70% of our students identify was American citizens, with another 30% representing 35 nations from around the world. Similarly, for our employee body, approximately 60% of our employees are from the United States, with around 20% from Taiwan, and the remainder hailing from Canada, the UK, New Zealand, Australia, among others.

Our students, employees, families, and alumni make Taipei American School the energetic and dynamic place that we know and love. Together, we work to cultivate a vibrant and inclusive school community.

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Parent Groups, Programs, and Activities

Hear from E-chieh Lin, Director of Inclusion and Wellbeing, about creating an inclusive and diverse community, full of support from, and for, our students and families. 


Our Students

From student mentor programs to afterschool activities, our students shine inside and outside the classroom. They guide and learn from their peers in various areas, developing leadership and communications skills. They explore their passions and pursue new interests by participating in community events. These are our students, our future leaders! 

Explore Our Student Mentor Program

Our Parents

Joining parent-led organizations is also a popular way for parents to get involved at TAS. We have enthusiastic parents participating in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) and TAS Cultural Connection (TASCC), which provide opportunities for families to connect with one another, and support the School in achieving the goal of building an inclusive and welcoming community.

Explore Our Parent Organizations

Our employees

TAS employees come from diverse cultural backgrounds, but we share a common passion for being part of a supportive network where we thrive both personally and professionally. Our employees work closely with our families, students, and alumni in those community events. Together, we learn and grow.

Stay up to date with the latest news and stories!


Our alumni

We value the connection and shared memories that bridge beyond students' time on campus. We cherish our active alumni community which not only brings impact to the world, but also strengthens the network of our close-knit community. 

Explore Our Alumni Network

Once a Tiger, Always a Tiger!

We foster an inclusive and organic community of many activities, programs, and organizations, allowing our families to come together to connect and grow. Through joyful, creative, and unique experiences, we pave the way for our Tigers to become open-minded, respectful, and caring individuals.   

Each year, we welcome families, new or returning, to join our engaging parent events and organizations. Here, at Taipei American School, once a Tiger, always a Tiger! 

Join the TAS Family!

We hope that you enjoy exploring some of our most recent community events. 

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