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Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with the PTA's Annual Support Staff Luncheon

Celebrating the Year of the Dragon with the PTA's Annual Support Staff Luncheon

The TAS PTA hosted its annual Support Staff Luncheon on January 31, 2024, to share their gratitude for our fantastic staff and their dedicated service and to welcome the auspicious Year of the Dragon. This event kicked off a year filled with hope, joy, and growth in the TAS community, and appreciation for our hardworking staff members. 

According to the Chinese Zodiac, the Dragon signifies strength and health, embodying potent and auspicious powers. The PTA annual Support Staff Luncheon provided a perfect opportunity for the school and community to express appreciation for the tireless efforts of staff members in creating a supportive and caring learning environment. 

The 2024 Support Staff Luncheon returned to its festive format, featuring not only a delectable lunch but also entertaining activities like lucky draws and live band karaoke.  

The event included a thoughtful gift package, including a lunch box from the Regent Taipei Hotel, fresh fruits, and Andante tissues. In addition, on-the-spot preparations of popular desserts like Hakka rice cake (客家麻糬), Brown Sugar Boba tea (黑糖珍奶), and Thai tea (泰式奶茶) added to the festivities. 

Beyond the 415 lunch packages, the luncheon included a tradition of a lucky draw with 394 prizes generously contributed by parents, the TAS administrative team, and other community members. Notable prizes for this year included 13 flight tickets (including 9 for global routes, 2 in Asia, and 2 to Hong Kong and Macau), kitchen appliances, hotel vouchers, and red envelopes, adding to the excitement and joy among the winners. 

Expressing her enthusiasm, one of the international flight ticket winners shared, "This is so exciting! I'd like to book the tickets and plan a trip to New York right away! Thank you so much, PTA and sponsors, for making this happen!" The MPR was filled with excitement, laughter, music, and congratulations. 

PTA President Fantine Chu remarked, “This significant yearly occasion allows the PTA to express gratitude on behalf of parents and faculty to nearly 400 dedicated school staff members whose tireless efforts contribute daily to ensuring a secure and hygienic environment for our children.” 

Thank you to the PTA hospitality team, including Ms. Yvonne, Ms. Nicole, and Ms. Rebecca, as well as the entire PTA team and the school's administrative team for making staff members feel appreciated and connected during this important time of the year. The exceptional staff received recognition for their hard work in creating a warm and welcoming community at TAS, ushering in another strong and fabulous Year of the Dragon.