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Collaborative Storytellers: Bringing Narratives to Life on Tiger Team Day

Collaborative Storytellers: Bringing Narratives to Life on Tiger Team Day

By Fish Tung, Assisant Communications Officer

At TAS, every opportunity is a stepping stone on the journey to unlock our students' unique potential and nurture their development. In this pursuit of developing positive changemakers, Grade 5 students continued their exciting journey of creativity and collaboration during their Collaborative Tiger Team Day. 

During the recent Late Start Days in January and March, our Grade 5 learners dove into a captivating exploration of sound and storytelling. Using Foley Sound Effects and Storyboard Filmmaking, they refined their critical thinking, collaborative communication, and self-directed learning skills, and immersed themselves in the realms of audiovisual storytelling with enthusiasm and determination. 

In the Foley Sound Effects project, students were tasked with crafting compelling Public Service Announcements (PSAs), Commercials, or Movie Trailers using video clips and distinct sounds to convey powerful narratives. They worked together to break down this task into small pieces, and collaborated to make this non-linear task a success. With good teamwork and attention to detail, they layered visuals and audio to hook their audiences and deliver clear, impactful messages. 

Reflecting on the experience, one Grade 5 student shared, “We had to think deeply about what sounds would make people pay attention and feel something.” 

Their creations showcased not only technical proficiency but also critical thinking and collaboration efforts among their groups. “We had to work together to make sure our sounds matched the visuals perfectly,” explained another student. “It was challenging, but we learned a lot about teamwork and how to make our ideas come to life.” The students also learned about the importance of persistence in achieving their goals. They discovered that repeating a task multiple times was necessary to attain the desired outcome, rarely did a group's first attempt work they way they had predicted! 

Similarly, during the previous Late Start Day in January, students explored the art of Storyboard Filmmaking, where they crafted complete stories with attention to detail. From defining their purpose to brainstorming storylines and creating detailed storyboards, students navigated each step with carefulness and consideration of different perspectives. 

“The students had to consider every element, from the expressions on the characters' faces to the timing of each scene,” shared one of the Grade 5 teachers. “It was like putting together a puzzle, but when it all came together, it was really impressive to see how they were able to develop a concept and use their imagination and creativity to bring an idea to life.” 

Throughout both projects, the emphasis was on learning in varied contexts and growth through challenges. This project was not just about creating sounds and films but about telling meaningful stories and exploring diverse pathways to accomplish tasks and to learn from the process. 

Our educators noted the students' progress and dedication throughout the process of creating their projects. “It's incredible to see how far they've come,” says one teacher. “They've not only developed technical skills and a newfound appreciation for filmmaking and sound design but also learned crucial lessons about collaboration, communication, and the power of storytelling to engage and inspire. Since the topics were selected by students, they also invested in their creations!” 

Stay tuned for the year-in-review update on our Grade 5 community journey, as we reflect on the transformative power of learning experiences in action, highlighting collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity. 

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