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Creating Global Connections: TAS Welcomes Greenwich Academy's AP Chinese Students

Creating Global Connections: TAS Welcomes Greenwich Academy's AP Chinese Students

By Fish Tung, Assistant Communications Officer

In a heartwarming embrace of shared knowledge and cultural understanding, TAS welcomed Ms. Andrea Paradis and six students from Greenwich Academy's AP Chinese class in the United States. Ms. Paradis, formerly a TAS teacher, collaborated with our Upper School World Language and Lower School Mandarin departments to establish this meaningful connection during a 12-day adventure in Taiwan. 

The visit featured a carefully curated program by the Upper School Mandarin team and students. Activities included a comprehensive campus tour, engaging in traditional Chinese games like Mahjong, exploring the art of Chinese calligraphy through spring couplet writing, and experiencing hands-on the making of local scallion pancakes. 

Ms. Paradis, now teaching Mandarin at Greenwich Academy, expressed gratitude, noting that her students considered the TAS visit the highlight of their entire trip. This cultural exchange provided an opportunity for her current students to witness the positive transformations at TAS. 

Reflecting on the experience, one Greenwich Academy student shared her impressions, saying, “I was genuinely impressed by the dedication and enthusiasm of TAS students in their pursuit of learning. It was inspiring to see their efforts to bridge cultural gaps through various and creative activities they prepared for us.” 

The program was a collaborative effort involving not only the Mandarin team but also students from TAS's Chinese Language Society and Calligraphy Club. The event aimed to create an immersive and enjoyable experience for the visiting students, fostering connections between the schools and cultivating cultural appreciation through the exchange of knowledge, traditions, and experiences. 

“Our Upper School World Language Department, collaborating with students from the Upper School Mandarin classes, was delighted that this event celebrated shared learning, friendship, and cultural understanding,” remarked one of the Mandarin teachers.  

Equally enthusiastic about the cultural exchange, a student from the Upper School Chinese Language Society shared, “It's heartening to see the impact our collective efforts have in creating lasting connections. We've not only learned from each other but have also forged friendships that transcend borders.”  

As TAS continues to embrace a global perspective in education, such cultural exchange events significantly contribute to the school's commitment to preparing students for an interconnected world. The positive impact of these experiences resonates not only within the school community but also across borders, fostering a sense of unity and appreciation for diverse cultures.