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Cross-Divisional Collaboration Sparks Innovation in STEAM Education

Cross-Divisional Collaboration Sparks Innovation in STEAM Education

TAS is at the forefront of STEAM education, an innovative approach to teaching that focuses on integrating Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math into a meaningful whole. The TAS Lower School STEAM program is designed to introduce young learners to these content areas and to help them develop the critical thinking, problem-solving, and collaboration skills they will need to succeed in this day and age. The Extreme STEAM event brings parents and guardians into this program, giving them a taste of the design thinking that their children learn and practice at TAS.

Our STEAM program places a strong emphasis on cross-divisional collaboration, which involves students from different grade levels working together on various projects and activities. This collaborative approach helps build a strong sense of community among the students, allowing them to develop relationships and build camaraderie across different age groups. Upper School students learn important mentorship and communication skills by supporting their fellow students in their STEAM learning.

When students from different grade levels work together, they can bring a variety of perspectives and ideas to the table. This diversity leads to more creative solutions and projects, and, of course, fun, as seen in the annual Extreme STEAM family event!

Extreme STEAM represents a collaborative effort between Lower and Upper School students. The event showcased a range of innovative and creative STEAM activities, demonstrating the potential of cross-divisional collaborations in an authentic service-oriented setting. Supported by the Technology & Design Coaches, students create an engaging event for their fellow learners and their parents and guardians.

Grade 5 students, demonstrating their leadership and creativity, took the reins in designing engaging activities for their younger counterparts in Grades KA to 4. Some examples of these included designing a resin keychain, creating a parachute, or experimenting with slime recipes. These hands-on activities not only fostered cross-grade relationships but also provided younger students with an opportunity to learn from their peers.  

Meanwhile, Upper School students embraced this collaborative approach by organizing and running an exciting robotics competition. In this unique event, Grade 5 students, alongside their family members, were challenged to design and build robots capable of competing in a wrestling ring. As inspiration, our Upper School volunteers brought along their own robot to give our Grade 5 students a little taste of what is to come in their journey at TAS. The opportunity to have their own robots go up against an Upper School robot was indeed thrilling! This exciting initiative not only showcased the expertise of our Upper School students in robotics but also created a dynamic and intergenerational venue for learning within the TAS community. As a parent shared, “I especially loved how committed the high schoolers were during the fifth grade robotics challenge. What I noticed was the students so intent on helping the children be successful and have a truly enjoyable and fun time.”

At TAS, we are committed to exploring the full potential of cross-divisional collaborations in the STEAM program. We believe that by working with peers from different grade levels, we can develop a strong sense of community and promote creativity and problem-solving skills. By continuing to innovate and experiment with collaborative learning models, we can help our students reach their full potential and thrive in a rapidly changing world. We'll see you next time for another awesome Extreme STEAM event!