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TAS Voices: Indigo and Beyond - Exploring Natural Dye Artistry with TAS Summer Academy

TAS Voices: Indigo and Beyond - Exploring Natural Dye Artistry with TAS Summer Academy

Dr. Annemarie Costello champions the transformative power of experiential learning, encouraging students to dive into the world of natural dyes. She believes that the Indigo class, with its seamless blend of science and art, offers a rare opportunity for participants to not only learn but to truly become artisans of their craft.




Drawing from her own rich tapestry of experiences in both scientific exploration and artistic expression, Dr. Costello envisions the Indigo class as an exhilarating journey where participants learn by doing. Through the intricate processes of indigo dyeing and shibori techniques, students don't just observe from the sidelines; they roll up their sleeves and immerse themselves in the creative process, each step leaving a mark of their unique journey.

Beyond the mere acquisition of skills, the Indigo class celebrates the individuality of each participant. As students experiment with natural pigments and master the delicate art of hand dyeing, they uncover their own distinct scientific voice. In a world where mass production reigns, the ability to create something truly unique with one's own hands becomes an invaluable asset, setting participants apart as artisans in their own right.

Moreover, the cultural significance of indigo and shibori infuses each creation with a rich narrative, weaving together threads of history, tradition, and global heritage. By delving into these timeless traditions, students not only learn about the world but also discover a deeper connection to it, their creations serving as tangible expressions of cultural exploration and understanding.

Practically, the Indigo class equips students with invaluable skills in applied chemistry and precision craftsmanship. Yet, it's the intangible qualities nurtured through hands-on experimentation—the patience to embrace unpredictability, the courage to explore new avenues of creativity—that truly set participants apart.

In essence, Dr. Costello's Indigo class beckons students on an joyous odyssey of self-confidence and artistic exploration. Through immersive experiences and a commitment to learning by doing, participants emerge not only with practical skills but also with a profound sense of their own uniqueness as artisans of the indigo craft. Join Dr. Costello this summer in one of the most unique classes TAS has to offer. 


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