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Honors Film Production Unveils Inspiring Documentary on Taiwanderful's Environmental Impact

Honors Film Production Unveils Inspiring Documentary on Taiwanderful's Environmental Impact

By Fish Tung, Assistant Communications Officer

In a remarkable demonstration of creativity, critical thinking, and service learning, the Upper School Honors Film Production students have unveiled an exceptional documentary spotlighting the impactful work of Taiwanderful. The organization works to address the issue of plastic waste pollution on Green Island through comprehensive educational programs and community-supported recycling initiatives. 

The documentary captures the essence of Taiwanderful’s partnership with the Taiwan government as part of a two-year pilot program, emphasizing their dedication to improving waste management strategies. 

Our Honors Film Production team spent several days in Green Island, capturing the essence of the organization’s mission and its impact on the environment.  

“Our goal was to authentically depict Taiwanderful’s mission and its impact on the local community,” shared Mr. Barrus and Mr. Town, our Upper School Film Teachers who were deeply involved in guiding the students throughout the project. “Through compelling visuals and storytelling, it showcases the strength of collaborative action and the potential of young minds to drive meaningful change.” 

The documentary not only highlights Taiwanderful’s initiatives but also calls upon viewers to join in this movement for change. The film emphasizes the importance of awareness, education, and collective responsibility in addressing the global plastic crisis.  

Our Upper School film students not only deepened their understanding of film production but also gained essential experience and perspectives by collaborating with real-life clients to address global issues and participate in making the world a better place. 

Mr. Town emphasized that engaging with real-world clients offers a broader context beyond the classroom. “These projects bridge the gap between what's learned in the classroom to practical, real-world applications. The skills developed in film class reach far beyond just technical film production; encompassing problem-solving, logistical planning, professional communication, and passionate storytelling which are skills that span multiple disciplines and aspects of life.” 

Mr. Barrus highlighted the significance of this practical skill application, especially when addressing meaningful issues. “Engaging with real-world challenges deeply connects with students, intertwining their learning with personal habits and experiences.” 

This initiative exemplifies Taipei American School's commitment to supporting our learners in being globally-minded contributors. Students involved in the project echoed these sentiments. “Being part of this project has been incredibly eye-opening. I've seen firsthand the impact of collective action and the difference it can make,” expressed Sebastien R. '24. 

Watch the inspiring documentary below and witness the remarkable work of our TAS students, and the critical advocacy of Taiwanderful, demonstrating the transformative potential of collective action to a sustainable future!