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Lower School Students Traveled Back in Time for the 2024 Musical Production

Lower School Students Traveled Back in Time for the 2024 Musical Production

From March 8-10 in the Harmony Theater, Taipei American School Grade 5 classes proudly presented a musical adaptation of the first book in the famous Magic Tree House Collection, “Dinosaurs Before Dark KIDS.” They spirited the audience away through time to an enchanting world of prehistoric wonders and adventure. The captivating performances delighted sold-out audiences and featured two casts of performers. 

Derived from the Magic Tree House series, beloved by readers worldwide, “Dinosaurs Before Dark KIDS” transports the audience on an exhilarating journey through time. The story follows siblings Jack and Annie as they stumble upon a mysterious tree house full of books. Finding a volume on dinosaurs among them, Jack wistfully wishes he could see them with his own eyes. This innocent desire sets off a whirlwind of magic; the tree house shakes and spins, and they find themselves transported back to the age of dinosaurs in person. 

Jack and Annie discover the Magic Tree House.

Amid lively musical numbers and dazzling costumes, Jack and Annie embark on a daring escapade and forge unexpected friendships with the dinosaurs they encounter. As they navigate this landscape, they learn valuable lessons about courage, friendship, and the importance of seeing beyond surface appearances. 

Jack and Annie making dinosaur friends.

The two casts brought this story to life, through their energetic portrayals of Jack and Annie, their prehistoric companions, and the jungle fauna coming to life. The dinosaur costumes nearly stole the show, with species like T-Rex, Ankylosaurus, and Panoplosaurus delighting audience members with authenticity and charm. 

New friends learn to sing and play together.

Co-Directors Grade 4 Teacher Andrew Orth and Lower School Performing Arts & Music Teacher Marissa Brits also learned some lessons. “My favorite part of the whole experience was standing off to the side during the performances, watching the joy and hard work of the talented students on stage as well as the smiles and excitement on the faces of the adults and children in the audience,” said Mr. Orth. 

Technical crew member fulfills vital spotlight role.

“Working with such a talented and enthusiastic group of actors and the production team was a fun and rewarding experience. Although there were a million things to attend to, I never felt stressed because the cast and crew gave their best at every rehearsal and show,” added Ms. Brits. 

In the world they created on stage, Jack and Annie reminded the audience that books are magic portals to other worlds and, even in moments of uncertainty, we should embrace our curiosity and face our fears head-on. As the curtain fell, audiences left the Harmony Theater with hearts full of wonder and spirits uplifted by the timeless art of storytelling.  

Amazing dinosaur costumes delighted the audience.

Congratulations to our wonderful student performers and all of the faculty, staff, parents, and guardians who helped bring this production from the page to the stage!