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Reflecting on the Community Experience Survey with Dr. Gale

Reflecting on the Community Experience Survey with Dr. Gale

In October 2023, our parents and guardians were invited to complete the TAS Community Experience Survey, which sought to gather their perspectives on all aspects of curricular, organizational, and operational practices at our school. In an impressive jump in participation, up 53% from SY22-23, 633 parents or guardians completed the survey. After sharing an overview of the survey results in the Parent Post, our weekly parent and guardian newsletter, Deputy Head of School Dr. Liz Gale invited all parents and guardians to a deep dive into the results. Armed with coffee and after a presentation by Dr. Gale, the parents and guardians in attendance broke out into groups to analyze and reflect on the results in their specific areas of interest 

Breakout groups discussed data from their topics of interest.

Topics viewed positively by community members surveyed included the quality of faculty, facilities, and resources, academic excellence, extracurricular opportunities, and community environment. The opportunities for growth and improvement mentioned were transparency in communications, focus on student well-being, and reducing emphasis on memorization-based testing. 

“The survey results gave us extremely valuable information on how parents and guardians perceive our strengths and what they think are our areas for improvement,” said Dr. Gale. “Notably, the majority of survey participants view TAS very favorably, reflecting strong curricular and organizational practices. We are proud of these results, and the purpose of this reflection session is to further improve TAS with more community insight,” she shared. 

Discussion groups shared their predictions and inferences.

Once in breakout groups at the reflection session, parents and guardians reviewed the data relevant to their topic before discussing their findings and recording their observations. Then, they made predictions and inferences about the data, before trying to identify what additional data may be needed that could confirm or refute their inferences.  

“Through the discussion groups, we gained even more feedback on specific areas for improvement in relation to the survey results.” Dr. Gale explained. “Reviewing this additional data will help us to take steps to even better address our community’s needs.” 

Initiatives like the Community Experience Survey guide us on our journey of continuous improvement.

Thank you to everyone who joined us in reviewing these results, and to all who helped give their perspectives in the fall! As we continue to reflect on the TAS experience through processes like the WASC Accreditation Self-Study, the TAS Community Experience Survey represents a valuable benchmark in our journey of continuous improvement.