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TAS Tiger Athletes See Success in Season 2 IASAS

TAS Tiger Athletes See Success in Season 2 IASAS

By Ron Reduta, Associate Athletic Director

TAS Tigers ended the season in convincing fashion, dominating the playing fields, courts, and pool decks. They brought home medals while demonstrating remarkable progress and achieving individual and team triumphs. 

Leading the charge was the Boy's Tennis team, who competed in Bangkok and fought their way to a convincing Gold medal victory versus the home team, ISB Panthers.

Teamwork delivered tennis success.

As Coach O'Malley summarized, "The team stayed committed to the plan, had each other's backs, and believed." All-Tournament Honors went to Alex K. ('25) and Warren C. ('25), who dominated the tournament with 40 games won and only 10 lost. The Girls Tennis team followed suit, finishing round-robin play at 4-1 and earning them a spot in the Championship match versus the home team, ISB. They played valiantly but just fell short, earning a well-deserved silver medal. Coach Maguire said, "I have never been prouder of a team than I am of this one. Their attitudes, support for each other, and sportsmanship were exceptional." All-Tournament Honors went to Doubles 1 and Co-Captains Catherine L. ('24) & Karina C. ('24), and alternate Addison W. ('26).

Grit and determination yielded a Silver Medal in Rugby.

In Manila, the defending Rugby champions displayed their grit and determination, battling their way to a 5-0 record heading into the championship match. There, they faced a familiar foe in SAS Eagles, leading to a rematch of last year's championships. The Tigers took an early lead in the 1st half, but SAS fought back with several late scores before the end of the half. The 2nd half was back and forth, but SAS's defense proved to be too much as the Tigers earned a SILVER. In Coach Peotto's words, he gives credit to "the lads for a strong showing, capping off what's been a successful season."

Agility and quick thinking led to Silver in Touch.

The Touch team showcased their agility and quick thinking, finishing round-robin play with 4 wins, 1 draw, and 0 losses, earning them a spot in the championship match versus the home team ISM Bearcats. And after a hard-fought match, the Touch girls secured the silver medal. All-Tournament Honors went to Calvin W. (‘24), Tanner B. (‘24), Bo F. (‘24), Evan H. (‘24) for Rugby, and Ava T. (‘24), Marlee M. (‘25), Aleesa B. (‘25) for Touch. 

Silver & Bronze in Swimming.

Diving into the pool at Jakarta, both the Boys & Girls Swim team made waves with their impressive swims, boys securing a silver medal and girls a bronze. Their teamwork and support for each other were instrumental in their podium finish. As Coach Lawson noted, “In what is typical of IASAS, swimmers experienced emotional highs and lows, excitement and fatigue, happiness and disappointment. Through it all, the effort and commitment to the team remained strong.”

Individual honors went to:

Girls 4x100m freestyle relay team:

  • Cindy L. (‘25)
  • Ina C. (‘25)
  • Aina C. (‘26)
  • Isabelle L. (‘25) set a new TAS record by shaving 0.7 seconds off the previous 2022 record.  

Brian W. (‘24) won the IASAS FINA High Point award with his 100m Breaststroke swim.

Gold medalist swimmers: 

  • Brian W. (‘24) - 100m & 200m Breaststroke
  • Ethan C. (‘26) - 100m Freestyle
  • Sebastian L. (‘27) - 200m Individual Medley
  • Cindy L. (‘25) - 100m Butterfly
  • Noah B. (‘25), Brian W. (‘24), Douglas C. (‘24) & Ethan C. (‘26) - Boys 4 x 100m Medley Relay
  • Cindy L. (‘25), Ina C. (‘25), Aina C. (‘26) & Isabelle L. (‘25) - Girls 4 x100m Freestyle Relay

Silver and Bronze podium finishers: 

  • Cindy L. (‘25) (2nd 50m butterfly, 3rd 400m & 200m Individual Medleys); 
  • Douglas. C (‘24) (2nd 200m Freestyle & 200m Individual Medley); 
  • Ethan C. (‘26) (2nd 50m Freestyle); 
  • Isabelle L. (‘25) (2nd 100m Freestyle, 3rd 200m Backstroke); 
  • Sebastian L. (‘27) (2nd 100m Butterfly); 
  • Aina C. (‘26) (3rd 50m Freestyle); 
  • Isabel C. (‘26), Harriet C. (‘26), Charlotte W. (‘24) & Lindsey L. (‘25) (2nd 4 x 50m Freestyle Relay); 
  • Will B. (‘25), Sean H. (‘24), Bryan L. (‘27) & Sebastian L. (‘27) (Boys 2nd 4 x 100m Freestyle relay)

Boys Basketball nets a Silver Medal.

Not to be outdone, the TAS Basketball teams hit the court with passion and purpose as TAS hosted the IASAS Championships, our return to hosting basketball since 2016. The Boys Basketball team finished round-robin play at 4-1, earning them the 1 seed. Dispatching #4 seeded ISB, set up a championship rematch versus the ISM Bearcats. The Derryl Franz Middle School Gymnasium bleachers were packed on both sides, with Tiger fans cheering endlessly as the Tigers took an early lead. And after a hard-fought battle, the Tigers fell to the Bearcats to secure SILVER. All-Tournament Honors went to Aiden C. (‘24), Jason P. (‘24) and Benedict S. (‘24).

Celebrations break out as Girls Basketball Team wins a last-second Gold Medal.

The Girls Basketball team stole the show as they finished round-robin play 4-1, earning the #2 seed heading into the playoffs. They handled business versus the #3 seed JIS to set up a championship match versus the #1 seed SAS. It was a defensive game from the start, and each player made significant contributions throughout. In Coach Garrison's words, as the end of the 4th quarter neared with the game tied, "We got a great defensive stop, and Celia R. ('25), on one good ankle, hit the game-winner with an 18-foot jumper!" It was a win for the ages as the TAS Girls team won Gold on their home court. All-Tournament honors went to Ella J. ('24), Sarah Y. ('24), Celia R. ('25) and Anna C. ('25). 

The TAS Tigers' Season 2 success is a testament to the hard work, dedication, and perseverance of its student-athletes. It's a reflection of the coaching staff and enthusiastic school community that fosters a culture of excellence both on and off the field. This season's achievements set a high bar for the future, and it's clear that the TAS Tigers are hungry for more! Congratulations to all the athletes, coaches, and fans who made this season a resounding success. 8 teams, 8 medals, 2 GOLDS!