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TAS Wins Prestigious "THINK" Award at Remote VEX World Championships

TAS Wins Prestigious "THINK" Award at Remote VEX World Championships

By Matt Fagen, KA-12 Director of the Tech Cube

Of the teams that qualified for the World Championships in VEX robotics this year, 36 of the top teams from around the that were not able to travel to the in-person championship were invited to participate in a live online event.  One of our teams,  4253B "Raid Zero B" was one of  the teams invited.

The team overcame some major hurdles to participate, and when the school went online, the students and parents got together to host the event in their home, setting up a full VEX arena in their living room including cameras to live stream the event.

Our TAS team ranked 4th in the qualification matches out of their division of 20.  After winning their first elimination match, the team was ultimately defeated in the quarterfinals.  

The team also brings home the "THINK" Award for "Best programming strategy and codebase". This is a World Championship level award, and only one winner was named across both online divisions.

We also received Presidential and Vice-Presidential congratulations for the award and participation.  The students were excited to receive this special recognition from the Taiwan government.

Thank you to our entire community for their support for our team, and special thanks to Carlos Delgado Mata, and Nick Steckler for mentoring the VEX teams.