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TASCC Potluck Explores the Bond Between Food and Culture

TASCC Potluck Explores the Bond Between Food and Culture

Food is a universal language that transcends borders and speaks to the heart of our human experience. The relationship between food and culture is profound, as food sustains our bodies while nourishing our identities and traditions. So, sharing our favorite foods and memories amounts to sharing our identities and culture. 

Favorite dishes and favorite memories shared.

The Taipei American School Cultural Connection (TASCC) is a parent-led group created for parents and guardians to engage with issues surrounding diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice. To help families share more about their identities, the TASCC held a potluck event to celebrate the inseparable bond between food and culture. Attendees were invited to share a dish that defines their personal or cultural identity and go beyond the plate to delve into stories, histories, and personal connections. The gathering transformed the act of sharing a meal into an exchange of cultural narratives where attendees could connect, appreciate, and celebrate diversity. 

Stories, recipes and identities displayed.

The menu was a diverse and surprising collection. One Taiwanese parent shared barbecued chicken prepared with a dry rub common to the American southwest, explaining how his passion for the dish began while living in America and continues to this day in Taiwan. As a seasonal influence, Lunar New Year figured heavily with multiple descriptions of dumplings (jiaozi), and each family's traditions and recipes. A parent from the Philippines brought barbecued pork as a stand-in for Lechon (a whole pig roasted over open coals), a famous part of his food culture he hopes to represent at the next TAS Spring Food Fair. 

Lunar New Year was a popular theme.

Beyond the taste buds, the TASCC Potluck fostered a unique sense of unity and mutual respect through diversity. By sharing their culinary traditions, attendees welcomed each other to learn more about what makes our community a diverse and special place to be! They say that to truly understand a person, you should walk a mile in their shoes, and the TASCC Potluck showed that you can achieve the same by eating a meal at their table - and it's more delicious, too! 

We encourage all parents and guardians to participate in the TASCC and the larger DEIJ initiatives at TAS. When the school-family partnership is strong, amazing things can happen in our students' lives. Look for announcements of more upcoming TASCC events in the weekly Parent Post!