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Tiger Classic Invitational Track & Field Event a Record-Breaking Success

Tiger Classic Invitational Track & Field Event a Record-Breaking Success

By Jim Klar and Ron Reduta

The weekend of March 15-16 at Taipei American School was full of excited student athletes, their parents, and friends. The air resounded with event announcements, starter pistols, and spectator cheers as the 2024 Tiger Classic got underway. From pre-race jitters to post-race celebrations, the energy on the field was palpable!  

This annual, invitation-only event featured competitors from 13 schools, with a combined 342 athletes competing in 38 events, making it the largest Track & Field event held on the TAS campus. That's right, bigger even than our recent IASAS weekend! Athletes ran in a wide variety of races, and competed in shot put, high jump, triple jump, long jump, discus, javelin, hurdles, and more.

Victor L. in his record-breaking high jump attempt

Throughout the 2-day event, the atmosphere was electric with intense competition as the Upper School athletes encouraged each other to reach new heights. Many of our visiting athletes set Tiger Classic records, with several TAS students setting a new school record. 



Girls 3000M  Shanghai American School  10:59.79s    Marina S. ‘26 
Girls 100M  IS Bangkok  12.67s    Melanie F. ‘24 
Boys 100M  TAS  10.88s  10.88s  Devin C. ‘24 
Girls High Jump  IS Bangkok  1.65m    Melanie F. ‘24 
Girls 4x100M  IS Bangkok  49.54s    Molly C. ‘25, Julianna M. ‘25, Eva M. ‘26, Melanie F. ‘24 
Boys 4x100M  TAS  43.07s  43.07s  Kevin C. ‘25, Devin C. ‘24, Jason P. ‘24, Dylan W. ‘25 
Girls Long Jump  IS Bangkok  5.29m    Melanie F. ‘24 
Boys 400M  IS Manila  50.93s    Thomas R. ‘26 
Girls 1500M  SAS  5:06.70    Kaia W. ‘24 
Girls 4x400M  TAS  4:20.08    Celia R. ‘25, Iris L. ‘24, Elliette S. ‘24, Isabella D. ‘27 
Boys 3000M  TAS    9:18.11s  Charlie H. ‘24 
Girls Triple Jump  TAS    10.73m  Iris L. ‘24 
Boys High Jump  TAS    1.90m  Victor L. ‘24 


Charlie L. sets a new record in the Boys 3000M.

The athletes weren’t the only ones working hard to make the Tiger Classic a success, as over 50 TAS Athletics faculty, staff and volunteers devoted themselves to running a memorable and stellar event and, in the process, probably set a few records of their own. 

One volunteer, Julian Thornbury, our Middle School Health and Physical Education Teacher and Track & Field Hurdles Coach, served as the voice of the Tiger Classic, announcing events, providing running commentary and play-by-play analysis and during the final awards ceremony on Saturday evening.  

Iris L sets a new record in the Girls Triple Jump.

During the awards ceremony. Mr. Thornbury encapsulated the primary benefit of such a vast event, “How many of you had a personal best at this event?” he asked. “The reason you performed better than ever before is because of your competition. Please join me in a round of applause for all the competitors who helped you to reach that height.”  

Group selfie of 342 Tiger Classic competitors.

We'll see you next year, athletes, and thank you for an amazing 2024 Tiger Classic event!