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Upper School VEX Robotics Competes Across Asia

Upper School VEX Robotics Competes Across Asia

Robotics at TAS is on the move again! After the fantastic Formosa VEX competition hosted at TAS, thirty-four Upper School students comprising five teams participated in two VEX competitions in January 2024. They first traveled to Hsinchu, Taiwan, for the 2023-2024 VEX V5 Taiwan Open 高中組, before leaving for Tokyo, Japan to compete in the VRC Regional Championship - ASIJ VEX Robotics Challenge 2024.

At the Taiwan Open in Hsinchu, our students broke into five teams and gained experience with the ins and outs of robotics competitions. They practiced essential skills like patience and kindness, especially in the face of several challenging calls made by the referees against our teams. Part of learning how to compete is learning how to face disappointment, and our teams handled themselves very well. In addition to these valuable lessons and the joy of competing against new robotics teams, they also brought home two awards! Team 4253R won the Create Award, which “recognizes a creative engineering design solution to one or more of the challenges of the competition” and team 4253Y won the Energy Award for “outstanding enthusiasm and excitement at the event.”

Just one weekend later, the teams were off to Japan for the VRC Regional Championship - ASIJ VEX Robotics Challenge 2024, hosted by our friends at the American School in Japan. Once again, our five teams competed in this prestigious international tournament. In addition to facing off against some of the best teams in the region, our students got to put what they’d learned in Hsinchu to the test!

All five teams went on to the elimination rounds and won at least one match. Team 4253R won the prestigious Excellence Award and were crowned tournament champions! Not to be outdone, team 4253S won the Design Award and team 4253Y won the very competitive Robot Skills Award. Overall, teams 4253Y, 4253R, and 4253S finished in the top 5 out of 33 teams at the tournament.

Robotics students know that competition is just a fraction of their robotics experience at TAS, but these moments still represent amazing opportunities for cross-team exchange, and important chances for students to put their robots, and themselves, to the test! We’re thrilled to welcome our Tiger Robotics teams back from these competitions, as we celebrate their hard work, many awards, and the treasured memories they made.