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"I AM NOT A ROBOT" Exhibition Showcases Middle School Art and Innovation

"I AM NOT A ROBOT" Exhibition Showcases Middle School Art and Innovation

By Fish Tung, Assistant Communications Officer

The Middle School Spring Art Fest Exhibition, "I AM NOT A ROBOT," ran from May 8 to 24, offering a vibrant showcase of creativity and talent. Organized by the Art & Innovation Department, the exhibit featured the impressive work of more than 300 students from Grades 6 to 8, kicking off with a highly anticipated opening celebration on May 8. 

The exhibit displayed a broad array of artistic mediums, including ceramics, paintings, sculptures, videos, animations, drawings, photographs, and AI projections. Each piece reflected the unique perspectives and artistic journeys of the young artists, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of the students' development and imaginative capabilities. 

Mr. Cesar Reyes, our Middle School Visual Arts Teacher, praised the students' efforts, saying, "This exhibition is a testament to the incredible creativity and hard work of our students. They have truly embraced the theme 'I AM NOT A ROBOT' to express their individuality and explore the intersection of art and technology." 

One of the standout features of the exhibition was the real-time AI generation project located in the lobby. This interactive installation utilized webcam input to create dynamic artworks through streaming diffusion, engaging visitors in a unique and evolving art experience. Mr. Joel Jayamohan, the Middle School Art + Innovation Department Chair, highlighted the importance of this fusion of technology and art. "The interactive AI installation shows how our students are pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms. It's exciting to see them explore new frontiers and incorporate technology in such innovative ways." 

The exhibition also served as a platform for students to share their personal narratives and visions. Our Middle School students exhibited a series of paintings exploring themes of identity and self-expression. "Being part of this exhibition has been an incredible opportunity to share my art with the community. It has allowed me to express who I am and how I see the world," one of the Grade 8 students remarked. 

The opening celebration on May 8 was a resounding success, drawing a large crowd of students, parents, and community members. The event featured guided tours of the artworks, and interactive sessions where attendees could engage directly with the artists. 

"We are so grateful for the support from our community," said Mr. Reyes. "The enthusiasm and encouragement from everyone who attended have made this exhibition a truly memorable event for our students." 

As the exhibition concluded, it left a lasting impression on all who experienced it. Those who visited the showcase were not only treated to a display of remarkable artistic talent but also witnessed the inspiring journey of young artists finding their voices through creativity. 

"Art is a declaration of humanity, and our students have certainly made their voices heard through this exhibition," Mr. Jayamohan affirmed. 

The "I AM NOT A ROBOT" Art Showcase celebrated the fusion of art and technology, provided a platform for personal expression, and highlighted the importance of community support in nurturing young talent. The exhibition not only demonstrated the artistic achievements of our students but also underscored their potential to push the boundaries of traditional art forms, making it a truly inspiring event for all who attended. Fantastic work, Tigers!