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Lower School Student Leaders Work Together to Build a Safe, Inclusive Community

Lower School Student Leaders Work Together to Build a Safe, Inclusive Community

TAS Lower School students have shown it’s never too early to learn teamwork, independence, and responsibility. Invited to form Student Leadership Councils, they rose to the opportunity to become communicative collaborators and better self-directed learners.

Demonstrating skills as communicative collaborators.

Our Grade 5 Leadership Council recently showcased remarkable organizing skills with a whole-grade assembly dedicated to fostering a safer and more inclusive community. Under the expert guidance of their advisors - Ms. Au, a Grade 5 teacher; Ms. Fisher, a Lower School Counselor; and Ms. Chen, a Multilingual Learner Specialist - these exceptional student leaders decided to tackle bullying head-on and highlight the vital role of being an “upstander” instead of a bystander for our friends.

Student-produced videos for grade assemblies.

The assembly was dynamic and engaging. The Grade 5 cohort participated in thought-provoking discussions designed by the student leaders to encourage reflection and drive home the importance of standing up against bullying. These discussions fostered empathy and understanding to prevent problems and augment our already supportive school environment.

Students also participated in interactive activities that brought the concepts of empathy and support to life. Through role-playing and group exercises, they practiced being upstanders and learned how to speak up when they encountered bullying situations. These activities educated students and empowered them to act in their daily lives.

Parents, guardians and classmates assembled.

One of the highlights of the assembly was a series of skits organized to illustrate common bullying scenarios and demonstrate positive ways to handle them. By acting out these situations, students could see firsthand the impact of their actions and the difference they could make by supporting their peers.

The Student Council also shared videos they created, which featured messages of kindness, acceptance, and the importance of community. These videos were powerful reminders of the values we strive to uphold within our school.

Leadership is fun and it shows!

Grade 4 Student Leadership Council members identified kindness and integrity as the needs they wanted to address for the school year. Together, they planned and coordinated Grade 4 morning meetings and Kindness Week activities with a culminating assembly. Working with ReGivers, a global organization, their Community Service Lego Project collected and donated Legos for educational play for less-advantaged Lower School students around Taiwan.

Grade 3 Leaders prepare to take the stage.

In addition to the remarkable efforts of our Grade 5 Student Council, our Grade 3 Student Council also stepped up to the plate, demonstrating their own leadership capabilities. These students created various community-building activities to promote kindness and inclusion within their grade. They organized small group discussions and classroom activities that focused on the importance of teamwork and empathy. Grade 3 students continue laying a solid foundation for developing future leaders within our community by creatring a video to help Grade 2 students transition to Grade 3.

Leaders stand up for themselves and their classmates.

The dedication and hard work of our Lower School Student Councils exemplify the power of student agency, demonstrating that even young students can be powerful advocates for change. Together, Grade 5, Grade 4, and Grade 3 students highlight a culture of leadership and community spirit that permeates Taipei American School. Their commitment to fostering a safe, inclusive environment inspires us all, proving that leadership and positive change can begin at any age.