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TASMUN XV: Building a Future of Trust and Collaboration

TASMUN XV: Building a Future of Trust and Collaboration

TASMUN XV was a significant gathering that brought together 650 students from five countries, representing 24 schools. It focused on the theme "A Future Built Upon Trust." It was a vibrant, two-day celebration of international cooperation, intellectual engagement, and youthful enthusiasm.

Over 650 students attended the two-day event.

Under the guidance of 11 dedicated TAS faculty coaches, students from diverse backgrounds converged at TAS to engage in rigorous debates, thoughtful discussions, and dynamic problem-solving exercises. The participants from Grades 5 to 12 filled various roles, including country delegates, UN officials, and press members. Their collective efforts were crucial in forming committees, debating global issues, lobbying for resolutions, and advocating for their respective countries' interests.

International Journalist Kassy Cho gave the keynote address.

The event buzzed with positive energy and enthusiasm, reflecting the participants' commitment to the Model UN's core principles of diplomacy, collaboration, and global awareness. The young delegates showcased their skills in negotiation, public speaking, and critical thinking, embodying the conference's theme by fostering trust and mutual respect.

A highlight of TASMUN XV was the keynote address delivered by Kassy Cho, a globally renowned journalist and social media personality famous for her extensive reporting on human rights. Born in Taiwan, raised in New Zealand, educated in the United States, and professionally honed in the United Kingdom, Cho brought her wealth of international experience and multicultural insights to the event.

TAS students from Grades 5 to 12 filled various roles, including members of the press.

In her speech, Cho encouraged the young delegates to envision "The World We Want," emphasizing the importance of proactive engagement and social responsibility. She shared, "Seeing all the students participating at TASMUN really reaffirmed to me that the future of our world rests firmly in the hands of our young people. It was truly inspiring to see them rising up to the occasion and demonstrate their commitment and dedication to pushing forth meaningful social change."

24 schools from 5 countries attended. 

TASMUN XV provided a platform for students to become global leaders and solve global problems. Issues included international security, responding to cyber warfare and autonomous weapons, international human trafficking, and conflicts in Ukraine, Sudan, and Yemen. The TASMUN XV website provides a detailed list of topics and proposed solutions.

TASMUN XV gave students firsthand experience at building the world they want for the future.

The participants' sense of accomplishment and camaraderie was palpable as the event concluded. More than just an academic exercise, TASMUN XV was a celebration of the potential and promise of our next generation. The Taipei American School Community looks forward to future TASMUN events, confident that they will continue to nurture and empower the global leaders of tomorrow.