COVID-19 Community Updates

Everyone on campus needs to wear a mask. Our community's health and safety is our highest priority. 


At this time, campus access is limited. Please review the latest campus access procedures for your awareness and understanding.


We need your help.

Our school health and safety program starts at home.  We ask for your support to closely monitor the health of your students and check their body temperature before sending them to school.  In addition, please be sure that if granted access you are healthy and symptom-free. Lastly, we also ask that you check your contact information provided to the school to be sure that we can contact you easily, if need be.

Please be sure to monitor the reported locations of recent positive cases and other recent press releases by the government.

Thank you to everyone for your help and support in keeping our community healthy and safe.





COVID-19 School Communications Archive

December 2, 2021: TAS Student Vaccination Second Dose Update | 校園第二劑疫苗接種最新訊息 (Chinese中文翻譯)

November 24, 2021: TAS Campus Access Procedure Change (Chinese中文翻譯)

November 2, 2021: MOE and CDC Adjustments to COVID-19 Prevention Procedures | 教育部防疫措施調整公布 (Chinese中文翻譯)

September 12, 2021: TAS Student Vaccination Consent Forms DUE TOMORROW |TAS 明日為學生接種意願書截止日 (Chinese中文翻譯)

September 10, 2021: TAS Student Vaccination Center Update 3: Consent Forms | TAS學生疫苗接種最新資訊 補充說明:學生接種評估暨意願書(Chinese中文翻譯)

September 8, 2021: TAS Student Vaccination Center Updates Part 2 | TAS學生疫苗接種最新資訊 補充說明(Chinese中文翻譯)

September 8, 2021: TAS Student Vaccination Updates for Middle and Upper School Parents | TAS學生疫苗接種最新資訊 (致國中部及高中部學生家長 ) (Chinese中文翻譯)

August 18, 2021: New Ministry of Education Directive Regarding Self-monitoring and Campus Access 教育部關於自主健康管理期間校園進入管制的指示 (Chinese中文翻譯)

August 10, 2021: TAS Student Drop-off and Pick-up, Car e-Tags, and TAS Parent and Parent Helper ID Card Updates 有關學生接送、家長車輛 e-tags、家長識別證及家庭幫手識別證之最新訊息 (Chinese中文翻譯)

July 29, 2021: TAS August 5 School Opening: Update on Improved Health and Safety Measures | 8月5日學校開學日:提升健康與安全措施之最新消息 (Chinese中文翻譯)

July 23, 2021: TAS School Opening Update in Light of Taiwan Level 2 Announcement (Chinese中文翻譯)

July 14, 2021: Opening of School Update 有關開學之最新消息

June 23, 2021: NOTIFICATION: Important change to COVID-19 Testing Protocol (Chinese中文翻譯)

June 18, 2021: NOTIFICATION: COVID-19 Testing Procedure Change (Chinese中文翻譯)

May 28, 2021: TAS Level 3 Campus Closure Related School Wide Announcements (Chinese translation not available)

May 16, 2021: TAS Transitions to Distance Learning 台北美國學校轉換至遠距教學 (Chinese中文翻譯)

May 15, 2021: IMPORTANT COVID ANNOUNCEMENT (Chinese中文翻譯)

May 14, 2021: Taiwan CECC's COVID-19 Level 2 Implications for TAS Parents 台灣中央流行疫情指揮中心疫情二級警戒對家長的影響 (Chinese中文翻譯)

May 11, 2021: New Access Procedures, Summer Travel and TAS Quarantine & Testing Requirements新的校園進出管制, 暑期旅遊及居家檢疫/檢驗要求 (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 25, 2021: TAS Campus Access Parent Guest Policy Change 家長邀請之客人出入校園管制措施更新 (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 2, 2021: Revised Campus Access Procedures Effective March 3 三月三日起生效之校園出入管制措施 (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 15, 2021: TAS Campus Access Update for School Reopening on Wednesday, February 17 (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 3, 2021: School is Open Tomorrow! 學校明天仍照常上課 (Chinese中文翻譯)

January 22, 2021: Important COVID-19 Related Information (Chinese中文翻譯

January 9, 2021: TAS Campus Access Reminders for January 11 Return to School (Chinese中文翻譯)

December 3, 2020: TAS Home Quarantine Policy Reminders (Chinese中文翻譯)

November 24, 2020: Important TAS Campus Access Changes Starting December 18 (Chinese中文翻譯)

November 3, 2020: TAS School Operational Announcements Regarding Holiday Travel, Contact-Tracing & Facility Rentals (Chinese中文翻譯)

October 15, 2020: TAS Campus Access Updates & Map (Chinese中文翻譯)

September 24, 2020: TAS Campus Access Changes & Mask Policy Updates (Chinese中文翻譯)

July 31, 2020: TAS Campus Access Procedures Staring 2020-21 School Year (Chinese中文翻譯)

April 22, 2020: Important Announcement Regarding Summer Plans (Chinese中文翻譯)

April 2, 2020: Urgent: Campus Reopens with New Social Distancing Requirements (Chinese中文翻譯

April 1, 2020: Update Regarding Ministry of Education Travel Restriction (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 28, 2020: Urgent Message Regarding Distance Learning (Chinese中文翻譯

March 21, 2020: Once Again, Taiwan Government Acts to Help Us (Chinese中文翻譯

March 18, 2020: URGENT Announcement from the Head of School (Chinese中文翻譯

March 17, 2020: Important Announcement from the Taiwan Government (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 16, 2020: Important Message Regarding Spring Break (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 9, 2020: Digital Learning is the Worldwide New Normal (Chinese中文翻譯)

March 7, 2020: Travel and Contact Survey (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 24, 2020: Instructions for School Entry Tomorrow (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 19, 2020: Spring Break Travel (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 14, 2020: Digital Learning, School Closure Updates, and What Lies Ahead (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 5, 2020: Divisional Online Learning Plans Now Available (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 3, 2020: School Closed until Feb 25 (Chinese中文翻譯)

February 1, 2020: Important Self-Quarantine Procedures (Chinese中文翻譯)

January 29, 2020: COVID-19 Self-Quarantine Procedures (Chinese中文翻譯)

January 28, 2020: Digital Learning Plans to come (Chinese中文翻譯)

January 27, 2020: Return to School Delayed (Chinese中文翻譯)

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