Registration is now closed. 

For more information, please contact Peter Kimball at

Registration Payment Fee

Attendees who have filled the Registration Form will have to complete payment under one of the three following categories:

  1. EARCOS member school attendee: US$100
  2. Non-EARCOS member school attendee: US$200
  3. Presenter: Free (workshops with more than one presenter, only one registration fee will be waived)

Registration Payment Method

All attendees must register upon arriving to the conference or pre-conference. Attendees who need to make a payment, please observe the following notes:

  • Payment in cash is preferred
  • Payment can be made in US$ or NT$ equivalent (exchange rate US$1=NT$31)
  • Payments made by cheque can only be accepted in US$ and from a USA-based bank
  • No available electronic payment methods 
  • Official payment receipts will be sent to attendees via email the week following the conference

For any further questions regarding payment, please contact Peter Kimball at