Visiting Taiwan

Taiwan is a welcoming and friendly country located in East Asia. There are many airlines with service to Taipei, and we recommend that you check visa requirements for your home country in case you need to process it ahead of time.

If you are looking to travel around the island during your stay, you can take a look at the Lonely Planet guide to Taiwan. If you're interested in seeing more of Taipei, please visit Guide to Taipei.

At the Airport

Taoyuan International Airport is the biggest international airport in Taiwan, though Taipei has a smaller airport (Songshan Airport) that serves some regional international flights. 

IMPORTANT: Taiwan strictly prohibits the import of fresh produce, some meats, and some pharmaceutical products. To avoid lengthy delays and heavy fines we advice you refrain from bringing any of the above mentioned items. Recreational drugs are completely banned in this island and possession can lead to imprisonment. 


Taxis are a safe and convenient way to travel throughout Taipei. You should always ask for a receipt, and although some drivers speak English, we recommend printing the following message, which translates to "I want a receipt, please."

Receipt card for taxi drivers
我 需 要 發 票/收據, 請 你 幫 我 列 印


Metro/MRT (Mass Rapid Transit)

Taipei and suburbs are connected with an efficient and safe transportation network with a metro that goes above and under ground. It is commonly referred to as MRT. There are 6 lines that are easily identified by their different colors, and all signs are in English and Mandarin, making it a great resource for tourists.

Please observe that there is a new line that provides service to and from Taoyuan International Airport that ends in Taipei Main Station. 

Restaurants and Cafes in the Neighborhood

TAS is located in the northern part of Taipei city, in a neighborhood called Tianmu. There is much to see and do in this area, but we recommend you look at this list of restaurants/cafes around the school, all within walking distance.