Justice, Equity, Diversity, & Inclusion (JEDI)

As an organization of faculty and staff, the Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee concerns itself primarily with professional development and faculty dialogues. However, the group also serves in a consultative capacity with the administration for broader schoolwide efforts and initiatives. 

For example, the JEDI Committee members collectively authored what has now been adopted by Taipei American School as a community-wide commitment to the principles of justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion. That statement, listed below, will help to anchor community-wide goals and efforts moving forward. 


TAS Community Commitment

As a community of students, parents, families, faculty, administration, staff,  board members, and alumni, we will foster a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion that embodies anti-bias action and accountability. We commit ourselves and our peers to live the TAS values and to do the work necessary to maintain an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming environment for all. We will continue to question and challenge our own biases and privileges and use our experiences to empower our community.

Schoolwide Representatives:


  • Connie Ma: Alumni Office
  • TK Edwards: 6-12
  • Jess Huang: KA-12
  • Kari Jensen
  • Conor Davis
  • Lindsey Kundel

Lower School

  • Becky Klar
  • Jennifer Fisher
  • Brianna Pannell
  • Maria Peters
  • Ben Thompson

Middle School

  • Megan Pettigrew
  • Sherry Boyle
  • Savanna Kuisle
  • Anisha Vinod
  • Chrisanne Roseleip Fossouo

Upper School

  • Evelyn Chen
  • Ryan Haynes
  • Melanie Hamre
  • Darby Sinclair
  • Erika Soublet
  • Chase Williams
  • Richard Arnold
  • Lily Yang
  • Sarah Peters