Music Activity Program

Music Activity Teachers

A very special part of the music program in the TAS Lower School is our Music Activity Program (MAP).  All students in grades 3-5 are required to take an MAP class in addition to their classroom music class, and they can choose which MAP class they want to take each year.  Music Activity classes meet three times every 10 days for 45 minutes. 

Below you will find a description of the MAP classes we offer at each grade level.  Students choose their MAP class each year in grades 3 -5 and have the option of trying something different each year or continuing with a class or instrument they've already started.  For example, a student could try beginning violin in 3rd grade, then if they decided that it wasn't the right fit for them they could take Orff Studio in 4th grade, then try a band instrument or take choir in 5th grade.  Or, a student could begin violin or cello in grade 3, move on to the intermediate level class in 4th grade, then advanced class in 5th grade.  We recommend that students who think that they may eventually want to be in Band or Choir in middle school take Orff Studio in grades 3 and 4, as Orff Studio is an excellent preparation for those ensembles which they can begin to take in 5th grade. Our MAP classes give students the chance to try out different instruments (including voice) so that they may find a music ensemble that they are passionate about, that is a "good fit" for them. 

How and when do we sign up?  At the beginning of the school year, your child's first few Music Activity classes will be demonstration classes where your child will meet the teachers of the MAP classes offered to them, participate in typical class activities, and have the opportunity to ask questions about the classes offered.  By the end of the first full week of school the demo classes will be over and your child will bring home a Music Activity Class Sign-Up Form. You and your child should discuss which M.A. class is the best fit, considering the commitment to practicing and possible instrument purchase which may be required (see information in MAP Strings and MAP Band). Once your child has returned the Music Activity Sign-Up Form, they go to the class he/she signed up for. Grade 4 and 5 string students who are beyond the beginner level will be auditioned during their first class and then assigned to either an intermediate or advanced violin or cello class. 

MAP Classes

Grade 3 - Orff Studio and Beginning Strings(violin or cello).  We offer Beginning and Intermediate level Violin classes and Beginning level Cello class.

Grade 4 - Orff Studio and Strings (violin or cello).  We offer beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels of violin and cello in Grade 4.  Students will be placed by auditions held during the first class of the year.

 Grade 5 - BandStringsChoir, and Dance.