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Video & Photo Archives

Video Archives

Microsoft Stream is the official video archival platform of Taipei American School. You must be logged into your TAS account in order to view these videos.

We offer videos on this platform for up to four years before taking them off of this service and keeping them in our private archive.

There are several TAS parent video channels available on Microsoft Stream.

TAS also utilizes a public-facing Vimeo account for videos that are allowed to be distributed more widely. For more information on the school's Vimeo account, please click the button below.

πŸ”’TAS Microsoft Stream Video Archive

TAS Vimeo Video Archive

Photo Archives

The School is in the process of safely migrating and organizing its photo archive to a new platform for parent access.

Until then, you can find a wide array of student photos on our social media accounts, including Facebook and Instagram

TAS Facebook

TAS Instagram