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TAS Cultural Connection

The TAS Cultural Connection committee is a parent led group that works with TAS to create a space for parents to engage with one another on issues of diversity, equity,  inclusion, & justice.

The group is led by Reed Aitken and the leadership team can be reached at

The group also maintains a Facebook page and a LINE group.

How does the TASCC relate to the TAS DEIJ committee?

The School's DEIJ commitment forms the central foundation of this group's work.

As parents who choose to send our children to Taipei American School for an American-based education, we are aligned with the JEDI mission of the school:

  • As a community of students, parents, families, faculty, administration, staff,  board members, and alumni, we will foster a culture of justice, equity, diversity and inclusion that embodies anti-bias action and accountability. We commit ourselves and our peers to live the TAS values and to do the work necessary to maintain an inclusive, diverse, and welcoming environment for all. We will continue to question and challenge our own biases and privileges and use our experiences to empower our community.  

As parents, we will... 

  • Commit to celebrating the unique identities of our children. 
  • Recognize that our children are part of a world of diverse perspectives and experiences. 
  • Model an attitude of openness, respect, and inclusion toward all members of the school community.  
  • Trust TAS employees and fellow families to help prepare and develop our children’s capacity to participate in an increasingly diverse world.