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Lower School Technology


Google Suite




Program Overview

Students in Kindergarten through Grade 2 have access to individual iPads while students in Grades 3 through 5 are assigned a Surface Go. These devices are provided by the school and are used under the supervision of an educator. Lower School students never need to bring their own electronic devices to school.

In the Lower School, three dedicated Technology and Design coaches support the integration of technology into learning, from co-planning and co-teaching with homeroom teachers to enhance classroom learning, to teaching specific classes designed to help our students develop their core technology skills and digital literacy.

Electronic Devices in Lower School

Lower School students never need to bring their own electronic devices to school. Gaming, video-watching, and Internet use by Lower School students is not permitted on campus before or after school.

Students do not need a personal phone while they are at school. Telephone use is always available to students in the Lower School office at all times of the day. If for some reason your child must have a phone, it must remain in their backpack during the school day. 

Smart watches with internet capability or recording functions cannot be worn during the school day. If worn to school, smart watches with these functions must also remain in your child's backpack.


Rules for Parent Photography on Campus

Photos of Your Child

You are more than welcome to approach your child's teacher or teaching assistant to take photos of you with your child during special events. 

Respect Student Privacy

Please refrain from taking photographs or videos that include the faces of other students. Respecting their privacy is crucial to maintaining a comfortable and secure learning environment for all.

No Photos of Student Work

To safeguard the creative and academic efforts of our students, we kindly request that you do not take photos of student work. This helps protect their intellectual property and ensures that their achievements are shared appropriately.

FAQ on Social Media for Lower School Students