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Middle School 1:1 Laptop Program


All students in Grades 6, 7, 8, and 9, are required to have a laptop purchased through our school's hardware integration partner. Students are expected to bring their fully-charged laptop to school every day.

If your child forgets their laptop at home or their laptop needs a repair, a loaner device will be issued from the Helpdesk. Students are responsible for returning the laptop at the end of the school day, unless their laptop needs overnight repairs. If your child frequently forgets their laptop, you may receive a message from the Middle School office.


Using a TAS-recommended device assures that we can maintain simplicity of learning and provide onsite warranty support maximizing the laptop's availability as a learning resource.

TAS recommends Lenovo laptops, due to their cost, weight, durability, battery life, functions, sustainability, and on-island vendor partnership. The Lenovo Yoga tablet comes with an international warranty.


Students' devices are pre-loaded with software to support their learning. All new TAS laptops run Windows Professional, installed in US English.

TAS uses Lightspeed content filter to help keep our students safe and supported while on and off campus. Parents can request changes to content filtering.

Laptop Warranty

The TAS laptop models include a hardware warranty and accidental damage insurance.

If the laptop is one of the supported models, then the school's IT Department will provide support for both hardware and software problems. The manufacturer's warranty will cover hardware defects; The Lenovo ThinkPad Protection program covers accidental damage policy with a maximum co-pay of NT$8,925+ 5% tax. In the event that a laptop needs to be sent away for repair, the student will receive a "loaner" laptop. An additional 4th year warranty can be purchased during the first 30 months after delivery.

Purchasing a Laptop

Parents and guardians of students currently enrolled in Grade 5 will purchase a laptop during re-registration for Grade 6. Current Grade 5 students will receive their new laptops at school during the first week of Grade 6.

For new students in grades 6-9, ordering laptops is part of the registration process. Students will receive their laptops during orientation.

Laptop Care Tips

There are many ways that students can keep their laptop free of damage. Please review these tips with your child, and help them make good choices when using their TAS laptop. Daily diligence and good habits can help avoid costly repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions