LS Plans

Lower School Distance Learning 

At Taipei American School, we are proud to deliver our high-quality education and fulfill our mission. We are also proud that we will be able to do so under exceptional circumstances. In such circumstances, our commitment is to provide an alternative means of education in the form of Distance Learning. While Distance Learning does not replicate onsite learning, our teachers deliver meaningful instruction that allows students to meet expected standards in an online environment.  

Digital Learning Lower School Grades KA-5 Weekly Schedule

Schedules are grade-level specific and will be communicated to parents by the lower school administration and teachers.

Teaching & Learning

  • Instruction will be both synchronous and asynchronous. Assignments will be posted by teachers in our Learning Management System – Seesaw. This is true even when other tools (Zoom, Zearn, etc.) are part of the activity.
  • Students will have contact with their teachers through synchronous learning sessions, small group instruction, individual conferencing, email, and Seesaw.
  • If a student is unable to participate due to illness, this should be reported via the PowerSchool Parent Portal

Feedback and Assessment

  • Family communication is always welcome. The teacher, counselors, and administrators can be contacted directly via email.
  • We will respond to parent communication within one working day.
  • Teachers are available via email from 8:00 AM - 3:30 PM TST on school days.
  • EAL and Student Support Services will provide feedback, support, and instruction for individual students or small groups.

Resources Required

Students should have access to a computer or tablet with an internet connection. Each TAS student in the home needs to have access to their own device. 

In the event of technical issues, the first point of contact will be the homeroom teacher so that effective support can be provided.

Academic and Counseling Support

Academic support teachers will continue to meet with their students throughout the distance learning period. These meetings will be scheduled between the support teacher and student/family.

Counselors are available for support. Please contact them directly via email

Supporting Students during Distance Learning

Encourage appropriate breaks, rest, and exercise.

It is important that an adult supervise each child while online.

It is important that students continue to maintain a consistent work environment. 

Please support your child in seeking help when necessary from their teachers or counselors.

Parents are not expected to be teachers.

Students should complete work to the best of their ability within the timelines given. If your child experiences any difficulties, please contact the homeroom teacher.