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A Parent's Guide to KA and Kindergarten

Welcome to KA and Kindergarten at Taipei American School!

This guide is meant to help onboard current families into the early childhood program at TAS, and to answer many parents' most frequently asked questions. It will always be available here within the Parent Zone for later reference.

TAS is here to support your child AND you as you join this incredible (and large) learning community. If you have additional questions beyond this guide, please reach out to Associate Principal Becky Klar or your child's teacher directly.

General Parent Information (for KA and K Parents)

The Kindergarten A (KA) Program

The KA program allows children to learn and develop confidence in a stimulating and safe environment.  The aim of the program is for children to become competent and enthusiastic learners while also developing the social, emotional, physical, and independence skills essential to success in subsequent grade levels.  A heavy emphasis is placed on the group skills that ensure students are ready for the more academic demands of Kindergarten.  While we do have direct instruction in all of the curricular areas, many of our activities are “hands on, ” allowing students  to explore, experiment, discover, and create their own understandings of the world and how it works.  Our students’ work is their play.

The Kindergarten (K) Program

The Kindergarten program at Taipei American School provides a learning environment in which every child has the opportunity to explore his or her surroundings, form meaningful understandings, and discover his or her own potential. The kindergarten program emphasizes the development of literacy, number concepts and problem solving, scientific exploration, social studies and history, and social skills. The program also includes specialist classes in art, music, Mandarin, physical education, guidance, information technology, and library.