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Well-being, Inclusion, & Service

At Taipei American School, we are on a mission to help all Tigers cultivate an enduring commitment to learning, personal well-being, and service.

And although personal well-being comes second in that sentence, we believe that a student's well-being is foundational to their success in all areas of their life. We also acknowledge that belonging, inclusion and service are all interrelated to one's well-being.

We hope you explore the Parent Zone's resources related to well-being, inclusion, and service. Please be in touch with our Director of Inclusion & Wellbeing, Ms. E-chieh Lin, with any questions.

Well-Being & Counseling

Safeguarding Policies

Inclusion & Belonging

Service & Service Learning

Important Definitions


Noun; dʌɪˈvəːsɪti

Diversity refers to differences of identities and perspectives within every sphere of our community.  


Noun; ˈɛkwɪti

Equity refers to the solutions that address the imbalance in structures and systemic ways people are treated, to ensure all community members have access to resources, opportunities, and progress that lead to positive experiences for all. 


Noun; ɪnˈkluːʒn

Inclusion refers to a set of behaviors and actions in an environment where all people feel seen and heard, and diversity is valued and cultivated in every layer of our community.  


Noun; ˈdʒʌstɪs

Justice refers to the active pursuit of changing policies, institutional & structural practices, and cultural messages to achieve equity and belonging for all.

Personal Well-being

Noun; ˈpəːsən(ə)l ˌwɛlˈbiːɪŋ

Personal well-being is defined as mental, physical, social, and emotional health that fosters a sense of purpose, fulfillment, growth, and belonging



Noun; ˈsɜː.vɪs

Service is defined as planned activities (including service learning and community service) that are designed to support student action, build authentic relationships, empathy, and respect while meeting community needs.

Service Learning

Noun; ˈsɜː.vɪs ˈlɝː.nɪŋ

Service learning gives our students real opportunities to connect classroom learning to authentic needs in the community, to take initiative, research, solve problems collaboratively, and reflect, in order to understand and value the impact of service.

Community Service

Noun; kəˈmjuː.nə.t̬i ˈsɜː.vɪs

Community Service includes activities that meet actual community needs with varying levels of research and reflection integrated into the service experience.