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KA-12 Counseling Contacts & Program

TAS counselors promote all students’ social, emotional, academic, and multicultural competencies in a safe, respectful, and motivating school environment.

Our counselors are readily available contacts for students and parents if questions or concerns arise anytime during the year.

This is achieved through a collaborative partnership of school personnel, parents, and community with the purpose of preparing all students for wellness, academic success, lifelong learning, and global citizenship. 

In compliance with Taiwan law and the child protection policy, the School is required to report cases of suspected child abuse or neglect. Students and families may be referred to outside counselors or agencies when appropriate. Any member of the school community who is concerned about someone, including one’s self, should reach out to a counselor and/or psychologist.

Lower School Counseling & Mental Health

Lower School Counselor,
Team Lead

Jenn Fisher

Grades 4 & 5

Lower School Counselor

Breeanna Caudill

Grade 3


Lower School Counselor

Bridget Hall

Grades 1 & 2

Lower School Counselor

Rebecca Schiff

Grades K & KA

Lower School Psychologist, All Classes

Michael Grande



Middle School Counseling & Mental Health


Middle School Counselor

Jason Thornberg

Class of 2029

Middle School Counselor

Becca Budde

Class of 2028

Middle School Counselor

Jacqui Brelsford

Class of 2030


Middle School Psychologist

Tina Tsai

All Classes

Upper School Personal & Academic Counseling

Director of Personal & Academic Counseling

Ryan Haynes


Personal & Academic Counselor

Song Eun Han

Class of 2024

Personal & Academic Counselor

Shirley Peng

Class of 2023

Personal & Academic Counselor

Dr. Tim Mulligan

Class of 2026

Comprehensive Counselor, Class of 2025
Sean Huang


Upper School Psychologist, All Classes
Sherri Grande