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DEIJ Committees

The Schoolwide DEIJ Committee has five subcommittees to dive further into the developing areas of The Strategic Plan.   

  • The Curricular Subcommittee is conducting an audit of the TAS’s KA-12 curriculum based on the 20 standards and domains from the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards. This audit and the analysis of it will give us an understanding of where in the KA-12 curriculum we are meeting these standards and where we need to look at bolstering the curriculum of pedagogical practice.  

  • The Extra-Curricular Subcommittee will be auditing extracurricular activities using the Learning for Justice Social Justice Standards.  There are select standards for clubs, athletics, and co-curricular programs.  This audit will go to the student leaders and advisors of these groups for a self-evaluation of their program.  This audit, like the curricular audit, is to gauge where we are with the programs that supplement our academic curriculum.  

  • The Professional Development Subcommittee has developed a series of professional development opportunities for faculty.  These sessions will create a basis of understanding of DEIJ skills for our faculty.  This school year the PD committee will be working on follow-up sessions for next school year.   

  • The Policy and Practices Subcommittee is evaluating the language in our policies to identify areas where we can use more inclusive language or bolster our practices to be more equitable and inclusive.  

  • The Parent & Guardian Education Subcommittee is examining different ways to engage with the parent and guardian community as well as selecting some of the anchors and standards to focus on for this school year.